Soap Divides

This is like two posts in one, sorry it is long. The picture half way through is a good place to either stop or start. Before is just general how things are going, after is another Crazy story.

Alright Peeps and Meeps here we are, six full weeks of being at home done, and we soldier into the next!

Honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I am busy with work a lot. I’m glad that I am. I am so blessed to have my job and being able to work and fill my time. After living in South Korea, I’m ok being alone a lot. Like I miss the option of being able to go and do things, but I’m honestly ok with just hanging out alone. I do really want this to end so I can go and see certain people, and I am missing hugs and cute little faces, but overall, it’s all good.

Mental health check: decent.

Yesterday was really nice in Toronto! The sun was out, it felt like 16 degrees at one point, it was amazing! And I had a busy day!

When I moved in here, I basically had to do it all by myself. I had a friend lined up to help me. It was the last weekend in July and he wore sweatpants and a sweater… Obviously he was hot and tired after our first trip. But thankfully I chose that trip to move all my heavy items and my mattress. If you remember my post about it, he helped with that first trip, loaded up the van for the second and then I took him out for lunch and we parted ways. I unloaded that second load and all that was left was a shopping bag full of cold food so it was ok.

Anyway: since I did most of the move myself, I didn’t really feel like cleaning too much when I arrived, I just kind of put everything out. A BIG mistake on my part because while the landlord cleaned and vacuumed up my room extremely well, he didn’t clean any of my space in the kitchen or fridge. The fridge I did myself a week later before getting groceries, and the cabinets I did YESTERDAY. Yes – that’s right! Nine months after moving in, I finally cleaned my cabinets in the kitchen.

I’ve been telling myself I was going to do it since I moved in. A few shelves are very sticky with like a layer of grease or oil or some nastiness. So it’s kind of important that they get cleaned. Yesterday, I started my laundry like I usually do and then went to replace the tinfoil that lines my stove burners (Crazy has one side, and I have the other because he wants the landlord to know who is using what and making things dirty…a system he started before I moved in). So I pull the burners up and under them is a little greasy, so I decide to clean that. Then I decided my coffee maker needed a vinegar cycle and I cleaned the outside and all the components, but then the counter I keep it on should have a good scrub since it hasn’t been done in a while so I moved everything off and scrubbed it down, and emptied the crumb drawer on my toaster and what do ya know two hours later I had taken everything out of all of my cabinets, scrubbed them all down, and reorganized everything in them. Just as the dryer was finishing up my laundry! Productive!

Crazy decided to comment on my washing everything down, especially the grime around the handles on the cabinets. “It builds up so much around the handles, huh? That’s why I make sure to wipe them down every time I wash my dishes, it keeps them nice and clean.” Yeah thanks, I didn’t ask for your opinion or passive aggressive dig on this. Move it along Crazy.

Then I went on my hour walk, and it was so nice out that I decided to ask permission to use one of the upstairs tenant’s patio chairs in the back. I was told I could use as many as I wanted, whenever I wanted. So after lunch, for the first time in 2020, I slathered sunscreen all over my face and neck (front and back) and went out to sit in the sun to read. The UV was at a 7 and I didn’t want to risk burning my face. I was out for a little over an hour and a half and I noticed around 7pm that I had a SUNBURN on my arm!! I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, but my wrists were in full sun the whole time so now I am nursing a baby burn…

Now I know this is getting a little bitty bit long, but there is a new development in how crazy Crazy is (that’s my roommate if you didn’t know).

So when I first moved in, he said something about toothpaste being in the sink in the bathroom. I took note of it and decided to pay more attention. I have never been a “toothpaste left in the sink” person but if it’s true then I will try to fix it. He didn’t bring it up again since like October.

COVID started and he’s apparently a big germaphobe and is spraying everything with bleach and won’t do his own laundry until he sprays down the machines because we share the machines with the tenants upstairs who are both still working.

So he brings up the point that we should move our hand soap from behind the mirror in the bathroom onto the counter of the bathroom (like normal people) so we don’t have to touch and open the mirror. Fine. That’s sensible. I liked it. I agreed.

Then he wanted us to spray down the sink after we brush our teeth. Again, ok. Like this was a little weird BUT he is all “this is violating my civil rights and liberties” over certain things these days so I’m ok with temporarily spraying bleach into the sink basin to kill any germs he’s picked up while he’s still going out and shopping a few times a week and whatever else he does while he’s out. He provided the spray bottle with bleach (I diluted it a few times because it was too strong for my liking) and a cloth to use. I felt like I was the only one using it (twice daily!).

So the other day I walk out of my room and he’s shaving at the kitchen sink. I half laugh and ask him if he always does that. He says that no but the toothpaste thing and he’s the only one who cleans the kitchen sink anyway so he’ll shave and brush his teeth out there and I can clean and use the bathroom sink. He doesn’t want to bother anyone with the spray and stuff and if no one is going to do it (aka me) then he doesn’t want to be a bother and bug people. I think he’s mistaking the water on the counter/faucet for being toothpaste but that’s what happens when you wash your hands, they are WET so when you push the faucet closed it gets WET.

BUT here’s the thing! I have learned since being home 24/7 for six weeks and counting that he DOES NOT WASH HIS HANDS AFTER HE GOES TO THE BATHROOM! EVER!!!!!

Ya see, my bedroom has the furnace room attached to it, and on the other side of that is the bathroom so I get the joy of hearing the door opening and closing and ya know, some other noises, BUT I also get to hear the half a second between the flush of the toilet and the door opening. HE IS NOT WASHING HIS HANDS! A GROWN MAN ALMOST 50 YEARS OLD DOES NOT WASH HIS HANDS.

So I was happy for the bleach and the cloth in the bathroom. I would use the cloth to unlock the door and open it because I always wash my hands because I am a civilized human being.

Now there is no cloth. There is no bleach.

I started a fresh bar of soap on March 20th when I got my tattoo. It has to be washed with unscented, non-dyed soap for the first wash as its healing. This bar of soap has lasted five weeks (maybe a few more days and I’ll give up on the scraps) and I go to the bathroom a lot. He goes like 2-3 times a day. He’s had the same half used bar of soap in there since Christmas.

Even when we had the soap on the counter it didn’t force him to realize he was missing a basic step in decent human behaviour.

The cloth is gone, the bleach is gone, and a day after I saw him shaving in the kitchen, now the soap is gone. It’s like he’s not even trying to pretend he’s going to try to remember to wash his hands.

So sometimes I will put some sanitizer in my hand on my way to the bathroom, and I will clean the handle and the lock as I walk in. But lately I’ve just started to use one part of my towel to unlock and open the door. It’s the part that stays on the hook so I never use it for my own hands or anything, but yeah. NASTY.

I can’t wait until this COVID thing is over and evictions can happen again because I’m hoping he’s going to be evicted. I know that’s horrible to say but whatever. I’m over his nastiness being here. Can you evict someone for being gross and weird? Can landlords just decide not to offer a renew on the lease? I have no idea folks. Help me help the upstairs tenants who are building a case against him lol.

14 thoughts on “Soap Divides

    • They just moved in and he’s already basically threatened them. The mom is a correctional officer for a jail and has lots of lawyer friends lol I said I’d help as much as I can but to keep my name out of things since I have to still live with him. I’ve got a little bit of stuff too but no hard evidence. The landlord apparently wants him out as well.

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  1. I would think not following basic hygiene during covid would be an issue! I have shared with someone who also didn’t wash their hands … gross. I was horrified when I realised (same thing, when you share it can’t be hidden). Bit ugh to know the landlord wants Crazy gone, but was happy to put you in there to share with a crazy.

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    • Yes like as soon as I realized I was so grossed out! Like for someone who freaks out over all the other germs wouldn’t hand washing be part of that?!

      Okies so I’ve only talked with the tenant upstairs. I haven’t talked to the landlord about Crazy. But she said she was warned before she moved in. She used to work with the old tenants – that’s how she got the place. Old tenant got a job in a different area and moved so they moved in. The landlord thought that the new tenants would clash with Crazy. And they total do lol but so do I. Just not as loudly. I guess I’m a little bit of a push over – I don’t like confrontation. Especially when I have to be around him all the time. I wish I knew the renting/landlord laws better so I could help them. I don’t even know what to be paying attention to in order to help them


      • Are you Ontario? (can’t remember) – but for there: In response to the evolving COVID-19 public health situation, no new eviction orders will be issued until further notice and sheriff’s offices will postpone any scheduled enforcement of current eviction orders. and info on evictions here.


  2. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I wash my hands so often I’m sure the skin has to work extra hard to replace layers that are washed away on a regular basis. Good luck with the eventual eviction.

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    • Omg trust me – it’s nasty! But thankfully I found out the gross thing in the bathroom that was in front of the shower isn’t his and he doesn’t like it (why is it even there then?!?) so I bought my own today and switched it out. Didn’t even ask – just asked if he wanted the old thing or could I throw it out haha one less gross thing!

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    • Well he does wash his hands a lot other wise. Like he’ll come inside from a walk or a smoke and wash his hands in the kitchen (has always done that since I moved in), it’s just the bathroom!

      actually went shopping yesterday (haven’t been to a store since March 25th) and found that the first store I went to was stocked pretty well with soaps (my bottle is half empty so it was on my list) and they even had mini bottles of Clorox bleach! So I grabbed one. I have one tiny container of Lysol wipes that I took from my classroom that I haven’t been using just in case. But now I have bleach so I can clean things a little more haha

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  3. It’s a bit weird for a suposed germaphobe to not wash his hands after going to the bathroom! Like… ewww. I applaud your patience. Sharing a house with him sounds like hell!

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    • I’m surprised too! He does wash his hands after other things and like cleans certain things in the house a LOT like the stairs that connect us to the upstairs/our door outside. It’s just so strange about the bathroom lol

      And honestly all things considered he’s not THAT bad with me. Like yeah it sucks and basically any other decent human being would be better lol and I definitely am holding onto the hope that he’ll be out of here soon. 🤞🏻

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      • It sounds like it’s only other people’s germs he doesn’t like! 😂

        Fingers crossed for you that he moves out and that the next tenant is more pleasant to live with!

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        • LOL that sounds around right! The good thing about him is that he is a bit of a neat freak. So like he cleans better than I do and he doesn’t leave clothes or dishes all over, and our shared common areas are cleaned twice a month (15th by me, 30th by him). That’s the good part about his craziness.

          He’s been here for like 4 or 5 years. He pays rent (how I’m not sure because he doesn’t have a job) from a few years ago, not the current price the room could be rented at. He’s taken over two rooms in the back so it’s all his space. And all the other tenants down here leave because of him. Unfortunately I can’t do that right now. It is a lesson in patience and letting things go which is good for me lol. The people up stairs are saving up for a house and last night the mom and daughter and I went for a Starbucks run (WOO) and the mom said that they will rent out their basement when they do move and that I’m more than welcome to make that transition with them. So that’s an option if it happens! YAY but we will see where they end up and where I am working/living/owning a car by that point.

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