Remember and Demand

Commemorative Events on the 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian ...

Today is the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide – which means, I don’t have work today. It is a day for my work community to remember what has happened, and to demand recognition over it.

When I started teaching at the school I work at, with a large Armenian population, I had no idea that there even was an Armenian Genocide. I knew about the genocide against the Jews during WWII, in Rwanda, and Darfur. But not Armenian.

But now I know. Not a lot, but I know. President Trump, with his ties to Turkey, continues to deny it’s existence, and thus it does not appear in world history in the USA. The community continues to demand recognition for it. In December, Congress went against Trump and finally recognized it. It was a moment of rejoicing among those in my work environment personally affected by the news.

Since today is a day of remembrance and reflection, here are some resources for anyone who wants to be more informed:

100 Voices – Student Profiles

Canada and the Armenian Genocide Booklet

Grandma’s Tattoos:

The Promise:

7 thoughts on “Remember and Demand

    • I can understand why so many didn’t know! Like the Canadian government didn’t even recognize it until 2002! And that was just our Supreme Court! Our levels of government didn’t acknowledge until later. I read the booklet today and listened to a few of the 100 voices. Gonna watch the movie this afternoon

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  1. I just checked what Australia’s position is (because I had no idea). This is from wikipedia but assume it is accurate:
    Australia does not view the events at the end of the Ottoman Empire as a genocide.[275] Australia is one of the countries who were at war with the Ottoman Empire at the time of the events, notably during the Gallipoli Campaign. Australia does acknowledge the tragic events had devastating effects on the identity, heritage, and culture of all the people in the areas that the events have occurred. Furthermore, in response to the motions of New South Wales and South Australia to recognize the events as genocide the Foreign Minister of Australia has clarified on June 4, 2014, that Australian states and territories have no constitutional role in the formulation of the Australian foreign policy, and that Australia does not view the tragic events at the end of the Ottoman Empire as a genocide.

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    • It’s hard to take a stand, right?! 1.5 million Armenians died. And I might be a little biased right now because I miss my work community but I was a wreck the whole time I was watching the Oscar Isaac movie “the promise” like hearing Armenian names (you can tell where they are from based on the ending of the name) in a semi-Armenian accent almost made me cry haha! But i spent the day educating myself and I feel better for it. The movie caused a few tear ups and one good cry – it was well done! If you have just over 2 hours and don’t mind killing and blood it’s a good one to watch!

      The Canadian Supreme Court didn’t recognize it until 2004, and then our different levels of government in the following years. I’m glad to know now.

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