#AtoZchallenge T

Tiffany was a precocious little girl. At the age of three, she was well ahead of her peers. She was able to express herself with a full range of words, dress herself and need herself. The newest of her skills was to make and drink tea all by herself.

One day, Tiffany’s mother decided to take a trip to the local flea market. She took Tiffany along for the experience and told Tiffany that she was able to pick out anything she wanted as long as it was under $5.

As Tiffany was strolling along the rows and rows of tables, her mother always in her line of sight, Tiffany’s gaze landed on a beautiful teapot. Tiffany took her time examining it from all angles, making sure not to touch it as her mother had instructed. She instantly fell in love with the crisp white china and gold detailing that wrapped all around the belly and spout.

Tiffany stood there for a few minutes until her mother walked up behind her. “Tiff honey it’s almost time to go” she said as she looked at the other items on the table.

“Mama how much is the teapot?”

Her mother called over the vendor and asked.

“It’s $3 Tiffany, do you like it?”

Tiffany nodded as her mom talked to the vendor. The teapot was taken off the table and wrapped in brown paper before being placed into a box for Tiffany to carry. She lovingly held her little box as she walked back to the car. Before getting into her car seat, Tiffany buckled the box into the space beside her.

When they got home, Tiffany and her mother set about unpacking all the items they had from their shopping trip. Tiffany helped as much as she could and once her mom had put everything away, Tiffany asked if she could use her teapot.

“Hmm…we will have to wash it first hun.” Her mother said.

“That’s ok! I can wash it!” Tiffany said almost bouncing up and down.

Her mother chuckled. “Ok, if you bring me the box, we can get it all ready for you.”

Tiffany brought it over to the sink, climbed up her little step stool so she could reach the counter, and placed the box on top. Her mom opened it and pulled out a little card from the vendor.

“Oh that’s cute! She included a little thank you card. Tiff she wrote you a little message it says ‘You can’t have a teapot without matching teacups’ oh my!”

“What mama! What?” Tiffany was standing on her tippy toes trying to see into the box.

Her mother started to pull out little packages all wrapped in brown paper.

“Mama there are so many pieces, do I have to build my teapot?”

“No Tiff, the lady gave you something extra”

“EXTRA?! Ooo it’s my lucky day mama!”

“Haha yes it is, Tiffany” her mother chuckled.

There were six little packages in the box instead of the two that Tiffany was expecting. The teapot and it’s lid of course were there. Then Tiffany and her mother discovered that the vendor had included two tea cups and saucers in the same white and gold pattern that matched the teapot.

“Wow Mama!! Let’s use them!”

Tiffany and her mother turned the kettle on. They gave all the pieces a good wash and dried them up. They made tea in the teapot and took it outside to the garden and had a little tea party among the flowers while Tiffany created a thank you card full of stickers and glitter for the vendor.

For those of you just stopping by, this post is being written in participation of the A to Z challenge. No Love For Fatties will resume regular posts as of May 1st. Until then, enjoy a new short story every day of the month! If you are stopping by from A to Z, let me know by leaving a comment in the section below!

10 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge T

  1. I had my grandmother’s tea set when I was a kid and my friend and I used to do tea parties with very weak tea and whatever my mum had baked. We felt so grown up, lol.

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