#AtoZchallenge O

The White family was a normal family. Mamma White, Daddy White, and little Junior White. They lived all together off the coast of a coral reef. Daddy White commuting to the reef each day for work.

Junior White was 4. In shark years, that’s pretty old and responsible. Or so he likes to remind his parents all the time. You see, Junior’s 5th birthday was coming up and what he wanted most was a pet octopus.

Alllllll his friends had them! Well…ok…two of his friends had pet octopuses, but that was still two other shark families! Junior knew he was ready for one as well.

For the few weeks leading up to his birthday, Junior really pulled out all the stops trying to get his parents to see how responsible he could be. First, he put up pictures of baby octopuses all over the house. Then he would go for swims around the neighbourhood every day. Coming home and announcing loudly to his parents, “Wow that would have been a much better swim if I had someone to go with me….like a pet or something….” before getting ready for dinner.

He did extra chores, he cleaned more, he helped his parents more. He did everything he could think of to convince his parents that he could handle a pet octopus.

Finally the day of his party arrived. It was the day before his actual birthday, but that was ok. Junior wouldn’t complain about getting his pet octopus a day early.

Junior was too excited. He hadn’t slept the night before. He was up and ready for his party hours before anyone was set to arrive. When they did, Junior tried his best to interact with his friends – playing games, eating food, watching the clown fish do his magic show.

And then it was time for presents! Junior was at the head of a very long table, all his shark friends around it. One by one he opened all his gifts until the only gift that was left was from his parents. It was a BIG box! Junior knew they wouldn’t have wrapped a real octopus but maybe there were pet supplies in the box – he’d need a leash to walk the octopus. And a place for him to sleep!

Wasting no time, Junior ripped apart the wrapping paper and dumped the box out. When all the shards of paper had settled and the water was clear, all of Junior’s friends could see him looking down at the table a little disappointed, trying to force a smile.

In the box was a huge stuffed octopus.

“You’ve been wanting an octopus for so long, Junior! We thought we’d get you a nice big one!” Mamma White said in the happiest of voices.

Junior tried to enjoy the rest of this party but it was almost impossible to do so. He was so relieved when his friends had to go home and he could just be along in his bed. With his stuffed octopus at the foot of his bed – his parents insisted.

“Junior….time to wake up hunny” Mamma White was gently nudging Junior the next morning.

Junior was trying to stay asleep. He didn’t want his real birthday to be here. He wanted to go back to the hopefulness that he had the day before!

Junior got out of bed in a grumpy mood. He dragged his fin as he was heading for the kitchen for breakfast. When he arrived, he saw his parents had decorated for his birthday – balloons on his chair, a banner on the wall, a baby octopus in a crate beside his chair.


Junior had to blink. Nope, he was still seeing it. He went back to his room and swam back to the kitchen. IT WAS STILL THERE!

Mamma and Daddy White were standing beside the table. Mamma White dabbing tears of happiness from her eyes.

“We knew you’d want a whole day just by yourself to get to know your new pet, son.” Daddy White said.

Junior swam around the kitchen a few times before he could calm down! A baby octopus all for him! He had to think of a name! He had to get lots of things to take care of it!

After breakfast, Daddy and Mamma White took Junior to the pet store with their new baby octopus. They picked out all the essentials that they would need and Junior spent the rest of the day hanging out with his new best friend. It was the best birthday ever.

For those of you just stopping by, this post is being written in participation of the A to Z challenge. No Love For Fatties will resume regular posts as of May 1st. Until then, enjoy a new short story every day of the month! If you are stopping by from A to Z, let me know by leaving a comment in the section below!

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