Nail Art Sunday: Pandemic Style

What else is there to do? Nothing.

Alright friends, how are ya doing? I’m actually functioning really well during this whole physical distancing thing. Like sure, I’d rather be with someone right now but that’s not an option and I’d be happy to keep this distance knowing that it will be helping in the long run.

But since I’ve been home, you’d think that I would be all over the nail art! My job keeps me really busy so I haven’t been doing too much. I will be doing work from 9am-7pm most days. After 4 I slow down a little bit but at 7pm I make sure that I turn off my laptop and emails.

I have been doing a little bit of nail stuff! I’ve started to experiment with my acrylics. But nothing really big. The practice fingers I have are SO SMALL but they are great for playing around with right now.

Since the 15th is my birthday, and today is Easter, I decided to do my nails up nice. They have been dry and clean for over 4 weeks now so it was a good time to do them!

Here is the inspiration picture:

And here is the final product:

A little more vibrant colours but I love them! No video – just a simple application of the polish. I did use the green on all three green nails and then put a glitter over top of the ones that needed glitter.

A little bit of regular hobbies helps to keep my sanity during this time! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

Happy Easter!


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