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It’s been a crazy insane two weeks of online lessons for me and I have been drowning. I’ve been griping, and complaining and whining, and mocking parents to other teachers. I have been gossiping about my roommate and the people upstairs as they get themselves into a legal battle. I have been pouting over having to cancel my birthday plans and not see certain people.

But ya know what, I need to change my thinking. I need to turn it, and walk a different path. So here I go:

I am so blessed.

I am blessed that I get to wake up in a warm house in a dry place and know that I have food and coffee waiting for me as soon as I walk into the kitchen.

I am blessed that I have all my physical needs provided for – I don’t have to worry about toilet paper or Kleenex right now. I don’t have to worry about tampons or my allergy medication. I don’t have to worry about clothing or shoes or even having my wig to wear.

I am blessed that I have a phone and a laptop that I can do work and writing and keep in contact with my friends and family.

I am blessed that while my job is traditionally done in a building, and it is very difficult and frustrating to do at home, I am still working and getting paid my salary. I am blessed that I have access to the internet to make it easier. To technology to make it easier. To all the resources I need to make it easier. For me, for my students, and for their parents. I am blessed that I work with amazing people and they are supportive and helpful and loving. I am blessed that the parents of my students have been so encouraging and supportive.

I am blessed that my family is safe. That the ones who aren’t retired still have their jobs. That my retired parents live in a small community where exposure is low and they are being safe and smart about when they HAVE to go out. I am blessed that I didn’t make the choice to go home when I could have and quite possibly could have infected them. I am blessed that I have not gotten COVID-19, nor have I shown any symptoms, even if I might possibly be carrying it.

I am blessed that certain expenses of my life were cut from my budget. That I could cancel my public transit pass without penalties. Yet still be able to use the card if I ever have to go somewhere by simply loading money onto it. That my government issued student loan payments are on hold until September with no penalty or interest.

I am blessed today because my schedule is light enough to post this and relax. And to watch some tv in the middle of the day. I am blessed to have a friend who posted a Silver Linings post this morning which pushed me to write my own!

A friend I work with is also a Christian and she knows my struggles with some aspects of my church right now. She shared a YouTube account for a church she enjoys and this channel has blessed me this week. I have been working through one of the sermon series the pastor has recorded. And even though I feel like a Sunday Christian a lot of the time, I am blessed to have had this shared with me. I’m gonna share it with you too just in case you are looking for the same.

I feel like my feed is just full of all the negative right now, so enjoy some of the positive in my life. Care to share your own?

13 thoughts on “Blessed

    • Oh fantastic!! Banks up here are doing the same for mortgage payments. And all eviction notices are suspended until this is all over. And our premier has said if you couldn’t pay rent on April 1st, you didn’t have to. But also like be honest. Don’t be a dick and take advantage of the grace period.

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        • Oh nice! I’m able to keep making my payments as needed so I will as long as I can. But you’re right! Banks shouldn’t just be like “you don’t have to pay for 3 months but in month 4 we expect all that money in one payment” which would be impossible for anyone.

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  1. I loved reading this, T (and thank you <3). This morning I am loving the later start we get to have because of home schooling. Instead of 9am the Barbarians start at 9.30am – and they don't have to pack bags, travel to school etc. So they can sleep in a whole. hour. more. I get some time to read blogs and email undisturbed, they get more sleep so are happier during the day. Silver linings all around.

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  2. Aww, this makes me so happy! ☺️ I see a lot of negativity going around on social media these days (to be fair, there are some very positive people too) so it’s nice to read about your silver linings/blessings.

    I downloaded the Grateful app and I try to use it every other day. It’s good to focus on the good stuff… 💕

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