#AtoZchallenge F

Valentine’s Day had never been a very happy holiday for Neal. He didn’t really appreciate the need to celebrate it. He never really had the chance to, as he usually found himself single on the day, or in a brand new relationship where any form of gift giving was way out of line.

Neal had come to accept that he was just over Valentine’s Day. He did agree that it would probably be nice to have someone to celebrate with – someone he could share a romantic evening with, or make some memories. Someone to share flowers and chocolates with. You know, all the cliche things that he currently was having a bah-humbug moment over.

This Valentine’s Day, Neal had just started seeing Greg. He wasn’t too sure about where it was going, and neither of them had spoken a single word about the holiday. They had only been together for about two weeks when the day arrived on the calendar.

Since everywhere was going to be crazy, Neal and Greg decided to not even see each other on Valentine’s Day, the day after was set for their weekly date. They met up at a restaurant, a quick hug hello, and then Greg reached into his coat pocket to pull out a small bouquet of chocolate roses: three red-tin foil wrapped chocolate candies sitting atop of some cardboard stems.

Neal was, to his surprise, over the moon. No one had ever given him chocolates or flowers before. And especially not for Valentine’s Day. His smile was hard to conceal, as it went from ear to ear. He could think of nothing to do but thank Greg with another quick hug as they sat down to dinner.

Although the connection with Greg fizzled out over the next few months, Neal would always hold onto the warmth and happiness he felt when he saw Greg pull that little package from his coat pocket. His first real Valentine’s – even if it was a day late.

For those of you just stopping by, this post is being written in participation of the A to Z challenge. No Love For Fatties will resume regular posts as of May 1st. Until then, enjoy a new short story every day of the month! If you are stopping by from A to Z, let me know by leaving a comment in the section below!

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