What a Week

Alright, y’all. I don’t even know what I am anymore.

During March Break I was so optimistic that I was going to rock this at home lesson thing. I had two weeks of video lessons recorded, two weeks of Google Slides put together, files uploaded and scheduled on Google Classroom to release the day the students needed them. And then “online lessons” started.

After those first two weeks, I have finally got all the technical issues sorted out I think. I hope. I really really hope. I have had encouraging emails from parents and students, and from my school administration. I love the teachers at my school, we are all so loved and supported.

I feel bad for the public school children. What a horrible year they have had! Like the first part of their year was full of “work to rule” and nothing extra going on, and teacher strikes. And now this whole thing. The public boards are STRUGGLING to get out on online platform for teaching. It’s supposed to start on Monday the 6th because we were informed this last week by our Premier that we are out until at least May 4th. Honestly, I think it will be the rest of the school year. Which is fine – like not FINE, but I know my students will be ok. We were allowed in our classrooms on the 24th for a little bit and I grabbed enough story books to last the rest of the year. I have all my workbooks at home, I have a printer/scanner/laptop/phone which will facilitate all my lessons.

I still have 3 students who have handed in nothing. Who have done nothing. For two weeks. Like I’m not sure if they are doing things at home. There is no way to check. I emailed all three parents on the 25th and asked how they were and hoped everything was ok, and just so ya know we have started online lessons so if you need any help my email is always open. All three replied: two said they would work on the work and one basically said both parents are working and school isn’t a priority right now. Which, honestly, I understand. But your children need to take our math tests and science unit test. Who cares about the reading responses, I can live without those. But unit tests are important.

I’ve also found that I don’t have a lot of time for myself. When we started this, I thought I’d have so much time for myself during the week because I was prepared and ready for all my lessons for the last two weeks. That is a big NOPE. Because of technical issues, and attitude issues, I’m on my laptop from 9-4:30 answering parent emails IMMEDIATELY just so they have support. And then I keep my email open until 7 answering when I can and if it’s important. I have had to log out of my email at 7 or I will get sucked in. I logged out Friday night at 7, and it’s now Sunday at 9:43 am and I’m itching to get back in!! I promised myself not until 1pm today. That’s over 40 hours of a break. I can go through the emails, reply to the important ones and then leave the rest for Monday.

The routine I set for myself during March Break is out the window. But I’m slowly getting into a different one. I’ve never really realized how much I rely on a routine. Maybe that’s why I fall so naturally into teaching. I have a solid routine every day. I need that for at home. I’m getting there. It’s a work in progress but I think everyone is doing the same thing.

My personal life is hopping – like strangely so? I had been linked to someone for a the last few months. On and off. But definitely off now. We’re trying the friends thing. My feelings changed and I was no longer looking at it as a romantic pairing but as friends so we had an honest conversation about it. But not even FIVE MINUTES after I sent my text explaining my feelings, my bad life choice person from October messages me. Haven’t heard from him in five months, not a single text or email and POOF there he is. He’s in NYC and it sounds really scary for him right now. There will be no rekindling of the bad life choices that happened in the fall. Don’t worry about that! Thank goodness The Guy and I are still friends because his silliness really helps a day brighten up a bit.

A to Z is kind of kicking my butt right now. I have up until O posted but after that I’m kind of meh about it all. I have no ambition to write. I have zero time to read anyone else’s posts. I have a bookmark folder of the ones from the theme reveal I liked, about 20 or so blogs sit there. I skimmed through them yesterday and got a glimpse of all the posts. I’ve never not finished an A to Z before. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say that after this year…..

I have been exercising more which is great! I’m in a competition against myself really. I go for a walk in the morning around 8 and now I’ve started throwing in another walk after 4:30 when I detach myself from my laptop. Trying to get a specific average speed and a new best total time each time I go out. I’m really favouring the walking over the yoga. I feel like I move more. And the fresh air is amazing. Even if it’s cold. I downloaded an exercise app and am tracking my walks so I can compare time and speeds etc. I have a short loop and a long loop. If I do one of each I get over 9,000 steps. Did two long loops yesterday and got up to over 11,000.

So that was a lot of just text today. But I haven’t been able to really sit and blog all week. It was really overwhelming for me. Thankfully it’s settled down. And now that I’ve learned to physically turn off work, it’s getting better.

Can things just go back to normal now? Please?

15 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. Thanks for sharing all that! People think that working from home is relaxing all day in your pajamas, and sometimes it can be. But I find that it’s usually more work load than when actually going to work! Hang in there! 💪

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  2. Wow! I don’t know if we are ever going to get back to “normal.” We may have to invent something new. Good that you were able to get back into the classroom to get needed things. Our daughter has not been able to do that but they are talking about not going back to the classrooms for the rest of the school year. Crossing fingers you are able to get the rest of the A to Z done. If you are up to O you are much further along than I am. I am just starting to scrapbook “I” and then I have to take pictures and write the post!

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  3. At least your kiddos got most of the school year in class. Here in Oz, we’ve been told they may not go back before the end of the school year – which is December. That will mean they had 7 weeks in class. 7 out of 40…

    You have to give yourself a break, T. You are not responsible for the work your students do. I know you feel that way cause you are an awesome teacher, but you can only supply the work and nudge. The rest is up to them (yah, know, lead a horse to water and all that).

    I have an idea for your A to Z, cause I know you will be even more bummed if you don’t finish. Rather than try and write a story, why not write a thought? Whatever you think about in relation to your picture card. Could be a fiction story, but it could be a memory, anecdote, wish… They are still stories of some sort, but will remove the pressure of having to write a flash fiction piece.You only have 11 to go, you will get there.

    And I hear you on routine. I’m a routine girl (although since hving kids I really feel I just survive each day, lol). But I am trying to get more of a routine happening at home because I think the Barbarians do better with a routine. Although they are complaining about having to have structure *sigh*.

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    • Omg I didn’t realize your boys would have such a disruption to their year!! You’re right ours is almost over. Just about 10 weeks left for my ducklings. We are done June 19th.

      But why is your government saying the whole year?!?!? I will literally die if we’re not back to normal by September


      • Because they have said that is how long it will take – there’s even some talk of possibly 18 months to 2 years as we may have to wait for a vaccine. But the official Government word at the moment is definitely at least 6 months and no earlier than October (which is when they are estimating we are supposed to be reaching peak).

        I guess every country is different.

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        • 😭😭😭 omg!!! That’s so long!! I’ve been hearing a lot of news about the 18-24 months too but does that mean like everything? I can’t do isolation for TWO YEARS! No. No. No.


          • Are you allowed to have visitors? Or exercise with anyone? We can exercise in pairs (if maintaining 1.5m apart). They’ve done that for safety as much as anything, but at least we can go for a walk with a friend 🙂

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            • We have a “if you don’t live with them you don’t see them” motto happening right now. So we shouldn’t be seeing anyone. Our mayor has released a new ban on gatherings of more than 2 haha and people are being issued fines for being less than 2m away from each other. Beaches/playgrounds/outdoor rec centres are all closed off. Like I COULD technically go to a park and have a friend sit at the other end of a bench and we could shout at each other 😂😂 but I’d want a hug. And I know they would too. And not right now.


  4. I don’t think school I the USA is going back in this year any where. And I am not to confident about normal or even a new normal making life better in the near future. But maybe I need to stop reading the news.

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    • The USA is struggling right now. I can totally see you being affected longer than Canadians. At least from the numbers we are seeing right now. Especially with hubs like NYC where the virus is out of control. Closing the schools was the beat choice I think. So many young deaths prevented by such a simple action. I’ve tried to limit my news. It’s hard to stay away from online articles but due to my busy days, I am able to watch news when I eat dinner and then thats it. It’s been very good for my mental health.

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