#atozchallenge A

Lara had her bags packed. She was ready to do this. She had planned for everything, even though she had told no one. She knew that she had to go through with it or else her life would continue to be a living hell.

It started a few months back. Her boyfriend had started to change: his personality, the way he treated her. He had always been so secretive about his life and what was going on. She just thought that it was because he was a private person. Which is fine. Over time she got used to it. After six-months of dating, he finally told her his last name. She saw that as a sign that he was trusting her, letting her in.

But as for work, she never really knew what he did. He had told her the basics when they first met, but nothing more since really. He’d never talk about his day or what he had to do.

When he started acting strange around her, she confronted him. At first she thought that he was cheating on her. But then the story unfolded as he spoke more in 10 minutes than he had their entire relationship.

At the age of 16, both his parents had died. As a refugee, he had no family living close by except for one cousin who had come with him and his parents when they came ten years earlier. The two boys had no way to support themselves so they had turned to a life of crime. At first, just enough to support themselves. But then they saw how life could be if they really applied themselves. They began running drugs for a local gang, slowly rising through the ranks.

When Lara met her boyfriend, he was in the highest circle. He ran his own supply, under the supervision of the partners of course. Over 12 years, he had proven to be a loyal man and one they had no issues trusting. Until now that is.

He had fallen in love. He wanted out. He knew that Lara wouldn’t be ok with his lifestyle and he was determined to change it. For her. For them.

He had been slowly saving up to break free from his own business so that he could provide for her as he transitioned into a better, cleaner, type of work. He knew it would be hard. He was so used to having whatever he wanted and needed with no limitations. He was a sensible man, especially with money considering his history, but he was also now a man of luxury.

But Lara just couldn’t accept that. She felt betrayed. They shared everything at this point in their relationship. They lived together, they were planning a life and a future together. This was all too much to overlook. But she also knew that she had to be smart about how she did this.

Over the last month, Lara had been starting to put aside money she knew he wouldn’t notice missing. Just a little bit here and there. He knew she was saving for them to buy a house and for children so it wasn’t so suspicious. He also knew that for him to break clean, he’d need for her to be in control of the money. He trusted and loved her. She knew she needed to get away.

She had planned it all out. She had contacted the police and brokered a deal with them: she could leave on the day of her choosing and they would come in after she was safely away. She changed her name and ID with their help. She bought a plane ticket under her new identity and purchased a small house on the beach in the middle of no where. She was starting over.

The day had come. She had enough money to survive for at least two years on her little piece of paradise without having to work. But she had already lined up some interviews for when she arrived. She had the apartment to herself as she packed up as much of her life as she could fit into her suitcases. Her phone buzzed to let her know that her escort had arrived to take her to the airport. They would have her new passport and all the documents she needed to start over.

She took one last look at the place she had called home with a man she loved and thought she would share her life with. She let out one long exhale as the door opened to show three uniformed officers and one plain clothed one, the one who would be taking her to the airport. She grabbed her bags and started towards the elevator. She knew this was the only way to survive the fall out from giving up the entire operation to the police.

Lara got off the elevator, and as agreed, sent one final text before handing over her phone to her escort. Dinner will be ready at 6! Can’t wait! xoxo

She received her package containing all her new documents, and descended into the waiting car. Her bags were placed into the trunk, and her escort climbed into the driver’s seat. Tears rolled down her eyes as the car weaved in and out of traffic. Relief washed over her as she knew there was no way she was going to miss her airplane.

For those of you just stopping by, this post is being written in participation of the A to Z challenge. No Love For Fatties will resume regular posts as of May 1st. Until then, enjoy a new short story every day of the month! If you are stopping by from A to Z, let me know by leaving a comment in the section below!

25 thoughts on “#atozchallenge A

  1. I know it’s just because my writer’s brain is obviously more treacherous than yours, but I kept waiting for you to drop the bombshell that the cops were actually from the boyfriend’s criminal organization and they’d discovered that she was selling them out. Much happier ending the way you did it, though!

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