Goodbye March

It’s about freaking time.

So March has lasted about 74396433 days and frankly, I’m over it. I’m over this whole stupid year.

But in other non-cranks news, tomorrow is my dad’s birthday!! Woohoo!!! And tomorrow this blog is also be taken over by A to Z. I have just over half of my posts planned.

Just a reminder that my theme is “short stories” and every day I use a flashcard from my classroom to write a little short story with that word in it somewhere.

See you next year, March.

tongue out GIF

13 thoughts on “Goodbye March

  1. OMG so I’m not the only one who thought March dragged on and on and on? This is week 3 of the quarantine and it feels like several months. Is 2020 over yet? I agree with you – I’m over it too. At first it was fun but now I find myself binge watching Corner Gas like a Canadian, stuffing my face with Betty Crocker icing like a crazy person, and crying for no reason. It’s COVID-19 breaking everyone’s hearts and causing the quarantine 15. I swear I’ve already gained 15 pounds.

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    • I’m trying not to snack because I have SNACKS lol so many snacks! But also very conscious of not gaining a whole bunch of weight as well. I’m not moving as much as normal. Obviously I’m not in my classroom haha. I’ve been so close to tears all day. It’s been a train wreck and I just can’t wait for it to be over. Tomorrow the sun will be out. Tomorrow will be better.

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      • I’ve gained a lot of weight since this quarantine and idk how much weight I’ve gained. I live in roots pants and have a belly that looks pregnant (I’m not pregnant). Right now I wish I was so I would at least have an excuse for the weight gain. I haven’t done any home workouts since the quarantine but I did start Marie Kondoing the house instead of writing a paper.

        “Tomorrow the sun will be out.” Love this optimistic outlook. I will add “tomorrow the snow will melt and we will all sing hallelujah.”

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  2. I didn’t want March to end, but that’s only because it’s all downhill from here (temperature, not covid). Heating will have to be turned on in the next week or so, but we can’t afford to run it all day, so the Barbarians and I will be squished into the office with just the little fan heater running. Or elsewhere in the house rugged up like we’re outdoors. *sigh*.


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