Good Reading Habits Tag

Anyone like to read?

Becky over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles has tagged me to share a few of my good reading habits.

Ignore the whole world

The best way that I can enjoy a book is to ignore the rest of the world. If a book is good enough for me to not do work or watch tv or snack, then it’s a great book. When I get into reading phases, I literally will do nothing else. Also, turn off your phone if you can! You don’t need to check your email that much anyway.

Allow yourself to stop reading

Now this may seem counter to what I just said. But I used to feel so bad if I stopped reading a book before I had finished it. Like I know the book doesn’t care, but I would care. I felt like I was already so many pages in, I might as well continue reading the book until the end. Now I value my time. If it doesn’t make me want to ignore the rest of the world, then I trade it in for another book.

Have a list of recommendations

Another person who Becky nominated, Cass, wrote about this one. When I’m not in the reading mood, I look at my list of books that have been recommended by friends or the internet, and it sometimes jolts me into wanting to read. I find that lately I am just wanting to watch tv in my free time that I sometimes need a push to get into the reading mood.

Make it enjoyable

Right now, I’m just chilling at home in my bed. That’s where I live. I don’t have much space for anything else in my room. So I sleep on one side of my bed and live on the other. I have a nice reading pillow (actually 2) with the back support and the arm rests? And I have a little foldable table beside me with drinks and snacks on it if I need them. I have a fuzzy blanket. It’s a great place to read!

What not to do: Read everything an author has ever written in two weeks

So sometimes, when I really love an author, I will try to get as many of their books as possible and just read them ALL. This is bad for a few reasons. Mostly because I will run out of their books to read. But also, some authors have a very distinct style of writing and eventually all the books seem to meld together and I can’t tell them apart making me start to resent the fact that all I have are 5 books from one author and nothing else.

Now I don’t really do the whole tagging thing so anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome!! Feel free to make your own post (tag me please!) or just comment below with your own good (or bad) reading habits.

12 thoughts on “Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. Ahhh, the days when I could actually enjoy a book… now I’m lucky to get thru 1 page uninterrupted. 😁 Agree with your suggestion about reading all one author’s books at once… totally blends the stories. And now Creighton is gone, and Clark is gone, and no more books from them, 🥺

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    • I’m getting back into reading now that I’m not working. It’s been a weird adjustment teaching from home. This week my schedule/routine will change again and my setup for lessons as well so not sure if I’ll still have time for lots of reading. But we will see!

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  2. I struggle most with giving up on a book if I don’t like it. I really have to learn how to let that one go. I also can’t read more than one book at a time. I would love to give myself the freedom to just sit and read all day but I feel guilty doing that.

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  3. Recommendations don’t work for me. What I do is revisit a book I love.

    I usually have multiple books on the go…a print book, sometimes 2 and I have 2 kindles so often 2 ebooks as well. Plus I’ll usually have a writing craft book in the mix as well.

    I try and read everyday, even if it is just a page. 🙂

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    • Ooo wow! I don’t know how you keep all those books straight!

      I love revisiting! I’m glad you mentioned it because I was going to go back and add it haha revisiting the Harry Potter series myself right now. Like the 5th time reading through it

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  4. I need to work on allowing myself to stop reading… I always feel bad to stop in the middle of a book, even if I don’t like it. The book I’m currently reading is terrible… It feels like it’s been written by a high school student and never editing past the draft. Yet, I just can’t stop… I feel like I have to give the author a chance?!

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    • Oooo yes I know that feeling! I’ll feel that way for the first half of the book and then I’ll realize that I’m over half way through trying to convince myself to “give the author a chance” but then I switch to “well….I’ve made it this far”

      It happens to me with tv shows too. Like I didn’t really like season two of stranger things. After the first episode or two I wasn’t into it anymore. But I kept watching until the season was over and then took it off my Netflix list. Just to have it gone from my “continue watching” list. It stays there FOREVER otherwise lol

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