State of Grooming Emergency!

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Peeps and Meeps! I has a situation. Yes, one that requires I don’t even use proper grammar! This a new world we are living in – get used to it!

Alright, so if you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you would know that I have some “hair issues”. First and foremost, I have alopecia. “Advanced, localized, female alopecia” aka if I take off my wig, I look like an aging balding man. It’s all DNA can’t do anything about it.

In addition to NOT having enough hair on the top of my head, I have too much on my jaw line. Now this started because when I was 19/20ish a friend of mine was doing my make-up, she lived with me at the time for a few months, and she made the comment of “ooh guess who has facial hair just like their mama” and that FREAKED me out.

My mom has some major hormonal imbalances that I won’t get into here. BUT I will say she shaves her face because of at it. She had dark hair so that is how she decided to deal with it. Now, at 19 I probably only had the normal little peach fuzz that most girls have on their cheeks. Yet I freaked out and shaved it off. Think my sideburns/jawline/chin/under my chin.

As anyone who shaves knows, once you start ya can’t stop. So I went from shaving once a monthish to every. single. gosh darnit. day. And I have sensitive skin! I would stay home once a week just to be able to skip a day because my skin would have razor burn.

So about two years ago, I tried threading/waxing my face. It took about a year or so but NOW my hair grows in slowly, its less dense, it’s lighter because the roots are weak, it’s easier to thread/wax it, it doesn’t hurt as much. My girl waxes the area – and now about 90% come off with waxing, and then she just goes over the rest with her threading real quick and it’s all good.

I go every two weeks. Yesterday was supposed to be my day. The salon is closed until April 6th but, let’s face it, it’s gonna be longer than that.

So I tried to teach myself how to thread last night. I have the hand motion down if I’m just looking down at my hands. I have successfully removed three hairs from my leg in practice. BUT the second I am in front of the mirror, I can’t do it any more!

I will practice. If I can’t get it to work, I can tweeze. But omg that’s a LOT of tweezing. Like not as much as when I started threading but still. And as a VERY ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT I could always shave it again. But I honestly do NOT want to do that because it’s taken me soooo long to get to this point with the growth patterns of my face. I just hate inflicting pain on myself…..

Wish me luck.

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27 thoughts on “State of Grooming Emergency!

  1. Our oldest daughter has polycystic ovarian syndrome which can also cause increased hair growth on her face. I am not sure what her routine is, but I definitely sympathize. I can just imagine what the kids would say. Hang in there. I think you have time to practice.

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    • At first I thought it was PCOS as well because my doctor said it was. But then when I got a new doctor when I moved to Toronto he actually tested me and said I don’t have it! So yeah…ugh

      Lol the hairs are white THANKFULLY but I find them annoying. I do have lots of time to practice!

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  2. I hate to admit it, but due to hormonal imbalance (thyroid and PCO) I know the ordeal. I wish I knew how to help, but I never treaded or waxed. I did the worst one could do and shaved… Now I am looking for more permanent solution, but to be honest, I am too embarrassed to go to a salon and laser therapy is painful and expensive. And, this is the first time, I ever mentioned it publicly. Hang in there, and once you know how to do it, teach me. I would be very grateful. xx

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    • I’ve been told by many professionals that my hair is too light for the laser treatments to work. Not sure if that is true or not, but for now it’s not an option haha. After some quality time tweezing the other day, I’m good for a little bit HAHA

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  3. That sounds… very painful. I’m usually not very sensitive to pain, but all that waxing/plucking/threading stuff is too much for me. I really admire you to be able to do that to yourself!

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    • The threading didn’t work haha. I gave up on it very easily and just say and plucked the long/slightly darker ones until I felt it looked better. If I do shave it, I’ll need two weeks of growth again before my salon can fix it so I’m REALLY trying not to lol

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