Life as we now know it

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Alright y’all! Let’s get real – Toronto has declared a city wide state of emergency, which means all non-essential services will be closed as of midnight tonight. There was a HUGE list posted by the government yesterday that detailed what services were essential. I am already working from home so no biggie.

Yesterday was the first day of “online lessons” for my ducklings. I received a few emails from parents thanking me for all the hard work I was putting in. And two teachers who have access to the grade two google classroom wall were also able to view my lessons since I put the link up on there. They both text/emailed me to let me know how adorable they were and how much I was “killing it”. But we all agree we would rather be at school being frustrated by the ducklings than being at home.

Since I prepped all my lessons last week, I’m kind of just chilling for a bit. But I have told parents I am available for emails from 8:30-4:30 so I respond as immediately as possible between those hours.

We were told by the premier that Ontario schools will not open on the 6th (we all kind of knew that would happen) but no return date has been set. So for now we are rocking the at home lifestyle. I am glad that classes are continuing because if we didn’t have classes, the parents wouldn’t pay tuition and I’d be out of a paycheck and a girl’s gotta pay rent and eat!

We are allowed in the classrooms today. They will be open from 10-2 and it’s not to socialize but to grab supplies and leave. I’m hoping to find a pencil sharpener on the floor somewhere that I can “borrow” because I have none at my house! I’ll also be picking up my hippo coffee mug and my shoes I left there and some books as well. And setting up books for if/when parents are allowed to come and pick them up for their children. My students will definitely need to come since I have three workbooks still at school and we will need them starting on the 6th. On the way home I need to stop and get $20 worth of chocolate and candy and I am hoping some rubbing alcohol so I can get into some nail designs.

Thankfully, this at home business has allowed me to fast-track my math lessons!! I’m a little behind and I will do TWO full units in the next 9 days. HECK TO THE YES! I just doubled up on lessons. A 10-15 minute video covers instruction for two lessons and then BAM do the work pages, watch it back if you’re confused, ask your adult to help you, OH PS we have a quiz in two days, your review pages are in our google drive folder!

I am also shocked at the lack of common sense the parents are showing. On google classroom I have posted our google drive link TWICE since Thursday AND emailed it to the student’s email. I set assignments on google classroom to appear on days that things are due but didn’t include instructions because they are in the google drive lessons. So yesterday’s “please submit a copy of your child’s journal entry” assignment was referencing the slide which asked for an account of the child’s march break activities. And I got some journal entries about a magical tiger, some robots, a chicken that poops bones, and a girl finding a dog in her bed.

They literally had to sign in, ignore the home page with all the announcements, and then go to the assignment page and just be like “hmms journal entry, what is this about? You can write whatever” ADULTS!! START USING YOUR HIGHER LEVEL THINKING SKILLS!

I also got cute messages from students and one parent sent me a picture of her daughter holding up her journal and I legit had to fight back tears because I miss my little ducklings!

And now that I have rambled on for quite some time over basically nothing, I will leave you and start my A to Z posts for today. I’m scheduling L and M today!

How are you holding up? Are you all working from home yet? Is your job considered “essential”? Lemme know in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “Life as we now know it

  1. You sound very organised and on top of things! How is it to teach online to little ones? I imagine it’s a different challenge from teaching to older students?

    The UK has gone into full lockdown as of last night… We’re only allowed outside once a day to exercise alone or with our spouse/children, or to go to the shops for essentials such as food or medicines (but we must avoid going out if those can be delivered). All non-essential businesses have closed and everyone who can work from home must do so. Thankfully, the government is now paying 80% of employees wages if a company chooses to ‘pause’ its operations. It’s a big relief to know we won’t have to worry about money for a while!

    It’s amazing (and terrifying) how quickly life as we know it is changing…


    • None of my lessons are live feed so it’s been nice. I record videos and set up slides so parents can basically just say “ok, here is your lesson time, call me if you need help”. But I’m having an issue with the videos so I’m actually chatting with google drive support right now haha

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      • We used the delivery service or the ‘click and collect’ thingy before all this, but it’s a lifesaver right now. I’m in the ‘at risk’ group so I have to avoid people and since my in-laws are in isolation, we have to shop for them as well. I couldn’t send my husband alone to shop for two households so I renewed the booking page until I got a delivery spot, haha!

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          • Fresh air and a bit of sunshine can only help, as long as you’re staying safe when you’re doing your errands. 🙂 I’m not risking it here because it’s way too crowded, but I’ll never take doing my own shopping for granted again!

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            • For sure! I had to go out today to get supplies from work and then I needed sugary things. So i was super careful and was able to get everything I wanted but rubbing alcohol haha but that wasn’t NEEDED and I even had a container of Lysol wipes at work so I brought it home and cleaned my bags and hands and inside of my coat sleeves and pockets too. I’ll take another one to the back of my coat this afternoon

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  2. Sounds like you’ve got it covered. On L & M already? I have skipped around a bit with prepping since I had some letters done but not others. I am working on E right now. I know I will be using those Sundays to finish posts.

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    • I didn’t do any prep today. Have to change ALL my slides for the next two weeks for school. And I was gone for two hours to get to my school and get supplies and buy $15 worth of sweets on my way back lol so had to answer parent emails and all that Jazz. It was a busy hectic day! Hehe

      I usually write in order so that way I know how long I can slack if I need to hehe! L and M will wait for tomorrow. But I have an online coffee date with the teachers at my school!!

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    • 😂 I’ve been like pretty much ok about staying in too because I’ve been breaking up my day a lot. But seeing my coworkers today was hard. Omg I just wanted to hug them all and one could have even pinched my cheeks as much as she wanted to! I wouldn’t have fought her like I normally do! Lol And I miss my ducklings so much. Ugh SO. MUCH. But it’s for their health so I understand.

      Best of luck with your home time!! How will you spend it? Do you still have work to do? Will you have a routine or go with the flow?

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      • I’ll know more when I meet with my supervisor tomorrow morning. From what I understand, I’ll be calling each of my clients every day to check in and see how they’re doing. I think they’re even providing us with basic scripts and/or interventions that we can do over the phone to make sure we’re discussing what we need to with them. Other than the usual paperwork that goes with it all, I’m thinking that’s it. So it’ll be a work day, but I feel like it’s going to be the barest essentials of work.

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  3. I miss my little monsters too 😍
    I’ve been sending videos and ideas of activities for them to do at home as well, unfortunately I’ve got closer to no feedback. I hope they are enjoying their time at home as well as the activities I’m sending out. Let’s hope!
    Great post as always 😉

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    • I am so glad I have google classroom and email. The parents have been great keeping in contact. Like of course there are a few I have heard NOTHING from and now they are getting zeros in my mark book for not having in things…but I’m going to talk to my VP today and see if there s a way to get a personal email for the parents to check in. Like classes started two days ago. I know this is a “scary time” but kids need structure and you’re now like 10 pages behind in math so let’s step this up lol

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      • Yes you are right. It’s not like they are on vacation with no school work. They can of course enjoy the time to relax, play etc.. But they also need structure and have some kind of rules not to fall behind. And a little message/email of appreciation is always welcome 😊

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  4. It’s almost like the parents were never students themselves and know nothing about reading instructions. I can only imagine all the emails you send that you wish could be in all caps.

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