I'll tell you later

And later has come!

Alright my Peeps and Meeps. I told you yesterday that I had an appointment that I couldn’t miss out on yesterday and that was the only reason I was interacting with people. Even though I just want to see some people and I can’t because of social distancing – I am following the rules!

Since I know y’all are following the rules along with me, this might be the only source of entertainment that you get and you’ve been pondering since yesterday what on earth could have been SOOOO important that T would have to rent a car and leave her house in the middle of a pandemic!

Just to get straight to the point – let’s have some background details hehe

So it’s currently March Break in Canada which means that my school was closed for a week for vacation. I usually have bible study every other Friday and I can never offer to help with the meal because I go straight from school to the church and I can’t bring anything with me.

BUT! It was March Break!! I offered right away to cook. And then I decided that on the Friday, I would go and speak to my tattoo artist about getting a tattoo in June when I had time to heal. Every appointment I have had with her, I had to do an in-person, face to face, consultation first before she would book it.

Anyway, so this genius plan hatched in my mind! My artist had moved out to Ajax which meant I would need a car. So I would rent a car, get supplies for Bible study, visit my artist, cook for bible study, transport food for bible study, drive myself home from bible study, go personal grocery shopping the next day for ME and then return the car. All in 24 hours. It was totally doable.

But then this circus happened. SO Bible study was cancelled which meant no cooking. And I did the tattoo consultation over the phone – I emailed in pictures and my girl already knows my style so she was able to get a price and idea of what we were doing all by just a quick 5 minute conversation on the phone. I trust her! Y’all have seen my hippo tattoo! SHES AMAZING.

Then she asked me when I wanted to book in. She was all “you said Friday works right?” and this was on Wednesday of this week! WEDNESDAY! And I was all “yeah Friday!” cos I have an extra two weeks off now because of school closures and probably at least a month if we’re being realistic.

We booked a time for Friday afternoon, I etransfered a deposit and then I went! YES! I BROKE SOCIAL DISTANCING FOR A TATTOO!!!

Now before you get all up in my business about this! LISTEN UP! One: she’s my girl and I will support her any way I can. TWO: I have a steady pay cheque and she is an artist and depends on clients. THREE!!!!!!! We were totally safe.

I got my rental car and did my shopping as I posted about yesterday. I got to the tattoo parlor and the door was locked. I was shocked! Like omg was this not happening? I’m out in public without a bra on and this isn’t happening?!! But then the front desk lady opened the door.

I go in, she locks the door behind me. They are NOT open to the public. You have to schedule at least 24 hours in advance and they are only open for the appointments they have. I was handed a mask immediately to put on and told to sanitize my hands. I did. She had a whole row of pens on the desk on a piece of paper towel, she sprayed them with sanitizing spray and handed me one to fill out my release form. Then sanitized it again after I was done.

I was the only one in the shop other than my girl, the front desk girl, and one other employee who was microblading her own eyebrows.

I love that was I able to support the artist community through this, and it was my birthday present to myself. Now I’m going to put up a few pictures of it, and YES it is my side-boob so if you’re not into side-boob maybe stop reading at this point, ok? Awesome. I’m wearing a shirt so don’t get all in a tizzy over some side-boob. Heheh I’m enjoying the use of the word side-boob.

So here’s the deal. I trust my artist 150%! She is amazing (brittholdthebrat on instagram if y’all want to check her out and how her some love). So I sent a few pictures and told her I liked the water colours best. We talked it over and I gave her full control. I told her to design what she wanted so I could have a Britt original. These are the pictures I sent her and told her I liked the one with the bee the best.

I went in, saw a VERY rough sketch printed on some paper, basically a circle for the blossom and some lines for the top of it and a line for the stem, and then picked the size I wanted. I laid on my side for two hours while she scratched up the side of my boob and then I got up I had this AMAZING thing on my side. I was so impressed but her skills and now I have a very tender boob for a few days while this baby heals up.

And now here are my pictures!! (just wanted to give some space for those who wanted to jump ship before the pictures)

Isn’t it SO BEAUTIFUL!?! I have a little mole there (Britt called it a beauty mark) and it’s kind of like I had the bee added just naturally by my body. So it’s obviously a Scottish thistle because I’m Scottish and love that I am. For the most part, it didn’t hurt like at all. It’s on the fatty part of my boob so just a little irritation when she started and then all good. The top detailing over the blossom hurt the most but it was at the very end. I can’t believe she created that from the little drawing I saw. I wish I had taken a picture of the stencil!

So there ya have it. The important appointment that I NEEDED to break social distancing for. I didn’t meet up with The Guy after, he was having a rough day (he’s not sick no worries) but that’s basically my last chance now until after this is over. Unless it’s ok to still meet up with peeps out side in the fresh air and do things. But I’m pretty sure it’s not lol. Anyone willing to tell me it is?! Anyone?

31 thoughts on “I'll tell you later

    • Haha my thoughts exactly! And when she was making my appointment she was like “well we could do 3…no let’s do 3:30” so they were totally leaving LOTS of time between to clean and sanitize and we both had masks on the whole time.

      And thanks!!!’ Omg I love it! I wish I could see it more but whatever haha I know it’s there. I’m not sharing on social media though. Just here and a few select friends lol

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    • HAHA! Don’t be mad. We were totally safe about it! It was good for my body and brain to be out of the house for a few hours. Sunglasses on, driving along. Omg so nice!

      And yesssss so pretty!!!! I love love love it


  1. Like Cass, I’m also a bit mad you broke social distancing protocol BUT after yesterday I had feared the appointment was something more doom and gloom, so I’m relieved to here it wasn’t and that it was for a tattoo that turned out great!

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  2. Sounds like they took all the necessary precautions and she did a great job. I love tattoos–I have 5 myself. When this is all over, I might get a new one that says “I survived Covid-19”–fingers crossed!

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    • Haha they took amazing precautions!!! And we’re even closed the whole day before because they had no pre-booked appointments. She is so talented!! I was a little nervous at first just seeing the little outline she had to stick on but I trust her completely and now I have an original Britt tattoo! Hehe

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  3. Don’t I remember you saying after your last one that it was the last one? *grin* But that is a super cute thistle, although I think I’m more impressed by the placement so your mole is the bee – that’s the sort of artist that impresses me. She’s also done a great job of giving it a sort of water colour feel.

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