Poster Child For Social Distancing

How are y’all holding up? Step inside my crazy world for a second – but stay at least 6 feet away from me at all times, please and thank you.

So I’m almost a full week into my own self-distancing situation over here. I had work last Friday but after that I haven’t had any commitments.

I went out shopping Saturday morning to pick up a few things I needed for the week and then I was in.

A friend of mine said yesterday that I was the poster child for self-distancing. And I love it!

I took my weekend to be lazy and eat too many snacks and watch too much TV. But then Monday happened and I needed to pull myself together. I have turned off my alarms so at least I am waking up naturally for a little bit. I have found, for my personality, I need a routine. Routines are amazing for me, and work well for managing my life. I think it’s why I like being a teacher so much. I have a routine to follow.

So here is my routine:

  1. Wake up (breakfast, get dressed, make bed, little bit of make up because I’m making videos)
  2. Blog (I usually have posts scheduled so I will write two A to Z posts and check out the reveal list to see if anyone new has revealed their topics that I should check out.
  3. Go for a walk. I stop blogging by 10:30 or 11 am. I usually start at like 9 so that’s a big chunk of time. But then I need go get some fresh air. I live in a basement apartment and have a small window. It’s getting TONS of morning sun right now but I NEED fresh air. And to get off my bed. So I’ve found a route that takes 30 mins if it’s cold, and then I’ve added on another 15-25 minutes if it’s nicer.
  4. Lunch! I prep lunch and watch some TV from 12-1. Usually The Simpsons on Disney+, NEVER the news. Unless there is an emergency broadcast and twitter lets me know about that
  5. 1pm-4pm: School work*. YES I am technically on March Break. BUT I need to get lessons planned and uploaded for Monday. And the time that it takes for a 10 minute video to “finish processing” on google drive is INSANE. It’s at least 24 hours guys.
  6. 4pm: Yoga!! Yes more exercise! Gotta get that body moving!!!
  7. Dinner
  8. News from 5:30-6:30, sometimes 7 if I’m distracted by my phone and just let the show run
  9. FREE TIME! Lately it’s been reading until bed. Harry Potter!! YAS

*I only have 5 more math lessons to record and some scanning then I’m all done so then I’m on my holiday. I’ll have like at least a week and a half of no school work except to upload files in the morning or the night before the lessons are needed so I will be getting a break. Don’t worry. I’ll have to fill that time slot with other things like crafting and nail things.

Okies so that’s my routine. It seems full but it’s a nice break up of the day. I like to keep busy and this way I know that I am getting things done for school and not just being lazy. And I know that I am getting exercise so I’m not just a big lump on my bed.

It’s hard to be in this living situation during social distancing. I honestly could have gone to my parents’ for the three weeks – I’d have a whole house to roam freely, exercise bike, real bike, sunshine and a back yard, two puppies, my parents.

BUT I’d have my parents haha! I love them but I can’t live in the same house with my mother for three weeks. I can’t! But they are both high risk if I was already carrying COVID. My mom has had lung problems her whole life and my dad has heart problems. I can’t take the risk of them catching it from me IF I have it and I’m not showing any symptoms.

Now that I’m off work I have cut down on social interaction. I see my roommate and that’s about it. And we all know he’s crazy. But actually a whole lot better since Christmas. We have found a peaceful existence here.

I have had to move my bed because I didn’t have enough space to put my bed sideways to do yoga. Now that I have my TV I’ve had to adjust how I practice to see the screen better and stop twisting my neck to see whats going on. So I pushed it over a few inches to the one side and now I have more space! WOOT

I have cancelled all my social activities except for a few things:

  1. I went grocery shopping this morning. I have a car rented today so I did a big shop (not hoarding!) for two weeks instead of my normal one and bought a few extra snacks and a case of soda just because I’m at home and I’d like something special.
  2. I have an appointment this afternoon that I had to rent the car for. More on that later. I feel like it’s breaking ALL the social distancing rules right now but it’s literally the best time for me to have this appointment! Again, more on that tomorrow.
  3. I might be having a coffee date after said appointment. And like “coffee date” as in, you stay in your car, I’ll stay in my car, we’ll open the windows and just talk. I haven’t seen The Guy since December and we actually had plans for this week (and y’all KNOW how he never makes plans or has time for anything because he’s always busy and this is not a place for that rant) but because of this whole everything is shut down don’t see people thing, I’ve asked for a rain check. But I was more excited to see him than I was for this appointment this afternoon so I’d still really like to hang out. Even if it is 6 feet away from each other.
  4. That’s it!!

After I drop my rental car off this evening and walk home (20 mins, better than the bus, but maybe the bus depending on how late it is) I’ll be in until I need to go for food again, in like two weeks.

For those who are in Toronto and freaking out, I can’t speak to every grocery store, but the Food Basics I went to today had a lot of selection on a lot of things. Frozen vegetables/fresh meat were low. NO pasta sauce or toilet paper. Some paper towels. A lot of things are “limit 2 per customer” but it’s good. Don’t panic buy! Just get what you need and you’ll be ok.

I also think we need to be careful with that terms we use. Like I’ve been saying self-isolation all week but now I’m changing that. I’m self-distancing. I’m not sick, I have no symptoms, but I am also aware that I could be carrying and not showing any symptoms. So I am taking the most care not to interact closely with others and I think we all should be doing that. Aside from this appointment today I haven’t been close to anyone all week. I have my laptop and my phone to keep me connected to those I love and need to communicate with. But honestly this isn’t too much of a struggle for me. I LOVE my weekends when I just chill in my room and don’t interact with people. I’ve been training for this my whole life!

Stay safe and healthy my darling loves!


10 thoughts on “Poster Child For Social Distancing

  1. Your schedule looks great! I’m still trying to figure out my schedule. I too have been sleeping in but found I need a schedule.

    Not much in my life has changed since I started social distancing. Introverts be like 🎉🥂#partyfor1

    Liked by 2 people

    • HAHA I am such an introvert. I’ll go and hang out with people sometimes, but like I’m all good just hanging out at home honestly.

      I will start to correct my sleep schedule maybe next week. Maybe the week after haha. Right now I am really enjoying sleeping from like 11-8. It’s amazing.


  2. It sounds like you’ve got your routine down! I think everyone should maintain some kind of routine – it’s goo for mental health. And I think more people should try and be like you, poster child of social distancing! I still see so many people in my neighbourhood organising play dates or setting up soccer games for older kids… That’s when they are not busy with their daily shopping trips! Grrr, makes my blood boil!

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    • Oh GIRL no! Our government has been on the news every day “social distancing is NOT setting up play dates and continuing to go to karate classes” even though all those types of things are closed now thank goodness.

      I am in love with my rouinte. It will be thrown off for a few days, even today I haven’t done any A to Z writing but whatever. I was up at 7 and got my rental car and was grocery shopping before 8:30 lol fewer people in the store and easy to get my things. No more shopping for me for a while. I even picked up some extra things of deodorant and feminine hygiene products. Didn’t need them RIGHT NOW but in a few weeks I will lol so now I’m all set.


  3. We are a “Shelter in Place” state now. I have my husband and our two adult children (31 and 23) living here. Thank goodness I have my studio to go into. I just finished my last batch of work and I am afraid that I won’t get anymore for a while. I am working on my A to Z posts too. I do get out twice a day to walk the dog so there is that.

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      • Shelter in place means we can’t go out except to the grocery store, bank or if we work in an “essential” field like medical, bank, or grocery stores, etc. All other businesses are closed. Even restaurants are take out only and some stores are restricting customers to 30 at a time.

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        • Oooooohs Okies! We are being encouraged to do this: only go out for groceries and essential things. My appointment today wasn’t technically essential but it totally was in my mind haha! But lots of places are working from home. I know a few people who are still having to go to work but they can’t work from home. Thankfully they haven’t shut down those places of work yet. Restaurants are take out or delivery only here as well. And now that I’m home from my day I have no other social outings until I run out of food ol

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