Preparing for Running

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So we all know that about a year and a half ago I started running. It was Thanksgiving 2018 haha which is in October for you non-Canadian readers. I ran until it got too cold, and then started up in the spring of 2019 again. But my knees kept hurting so I stopped. I didn’t want to injure myself too badly.

And I hated it you guys! Like legit every single step while I’m running I am basically hating on myself. Why am I doing this? Ugh ok I will run until that driveway and then I’m switching back to walking. Omg everything hurts. This sucks. Who invented running? I wish horrible things upon them.

But then I get done and I feel pretty amazing about myself because I just ran. Like I exercised. Go me!

I never used to be an exercise person. At all. Now that I don’t live at home, I am doing it more. I don’t have my mom here judging me “why are you exercising? Who are you doing this for? You? Running? Yeah ok…” etc etc.

It’s so nice not to have that! Even if I do it to myself sometimes, I just tell myself to shut up buttercup and mind your own business. I can’t do that with my mom. But me? Oooo I tell can me to shut up all day long and that girl has just got to take it!

So I haven’t been out running since last spring. Basically a year already. And my amazingly bright orange running shoes are just taunting me sitting there on the top shelf of my shoe rack at the end of my bed.

I have decided I need to start running again! Even before this whole “self isolation” thing started. Like a few weeks ago I decided I would get myself ready for running. This is just the perfect time to get it started!

I can’t sit inside all day. Like I can. But I wont! Yesterday I decided on a schedule for myself: wake up/breakfast/emails/A to Z writing until 10. Then go outside. I took a walk. Then writing/free time until lunch. After lunch school work until 4pm. Then it’s yoga, dinner, watch the news, and then free lazy time.

I think it’s good. Until I run out of school stuff to do. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So I tracked my steps today. I did almost 4000 in 30 minutes! The loop I did was recorded as 2.5KM which is about 1.5 miles (or so google conversion says) so it’s a perfect loop for when I start running. And it’s easy with great sidewalks. This is the loop I’ll be doing:

It’s nice and easy and I don’t have to cross any major roads which is good too. Half of it is in a residential area and half along a main road which is also good. Basically flat, no hills to worry about.

So now I will start to build up my legs and energy and get back into running as the weather warms up! Until then, it’s a loop every morning! And possibly one in the afternoon.

Are you starting to exercise more now that it’s better weather? How are you building in some fresh air to your day with this self-isolation and social distancing that is happening?

29 thoughts on “Preparing for Running

  1. OMG I always hated running! I tried, I really did – but I can’t.
    But I love to walk! The two first weeks at home I went out a lot to walk in the park, and also did more exercising at home – having more time and all.
    But now they say it’s better not to go out, not to find other people on the way.
    So now it’s only workout at home with the sun in my face, through the window! ☀️

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    • I live in a basement apartment- I have a small window that lets in the morning sun but like I NEED fresh air haha it’s still quite chilly here in Canada so I can’t keep my window open much so I will continue my daily walks as much as possible. It is only 30 mins but it breaks up my morning of blogging and my afternoon of working. I think I walked past two people yesterday lol so that was nice.

      I really do hate running but after when the runner’s high kicks in it’s ok! And then I feel better hehe so I’ll do it until I hurt something and then take a break haha

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    • It’s cloudy and dreary here today but I just finished my writing for the day (2 AtoZ posts and finished going through the reveal master list) so I am venturing out! The temperature is nice and the rain has apparently stopped for the day now! A nice brisk walk around my loop and then I’ll be home for lunch! Haha

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  2. Yay! I’m always so happy to welcome a new running convert to the tribe! Though in your case it’s more a ‘welcome back’. Your route looks really nice and easy. I like routes where you can see the next ‘goal’ (i.e. the next driveway, street corner, etc.) because it really helps with motivation while you’re out there.

    I’ve been putting in a lot more miles than usual in the past few weeks because it keeps me from going insane. I’m in the ‘at risk’ group so I can’t go out much these days but running helps. I’m lucky to live in a small countryside village – I can run for miles without seeing anyone!

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    • I was out for a walk this morning for 45 mins and crossed paths with 5 people lol and 2 dogs. 😂😂 would have gone a bit longer but it was cold and windy so I cut my route short a bit. I’m excited for warmer weather and running again! I’ve missed it so much Frede!!

      How come you’re “at risk”?! If you don’t mind me asking? My parents are too and my mom is sick right now. Thankfully they are in a small country community so their exposure is limited drastically!

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      • Gosh, I saw so many dogs this morning. It’s like everyone was out for a walk… So much for social distancing!

        I’m glad you missed running – it’s a good sign! Spring has very much started here and we’re getting nice running weather, but it’s also allergy season, so… I hope it gets warmer over there soon. My sister says they still have a lot of snow in Quebec!

        I don’t mind at all! I’m at risk because I have asthma. It’s well controlled now and I haven’t had an asthma attack in like two years, but still… I have to be careful. To be honest I’m more worried for my in-laws and my parents. I hope your parents are okay… A small community sounds like the safest place to be these days!


  3. I walk the dog twice and do some arm weights at night. I never liked running and now I can’t because I have a bad knee that I don’t want to make worse. Good for you for getting a plan in place.

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  4. This is awesome! I’ve completely been there before with the whole “I’m just going to run until that driveway and walk again”. Why do we do this to ourselves? Sometimes I’ll do laps around the inside of my house just to get steps and put off my conversion into an old man a little while longer lol

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    • 😂😂 oh goodness Paul! I can run for like 45 seconds, MAYBE a solid minute before having to switch back. When I was running a few times a week it was getting better but dude it’s been a year. I’m gonna DIE the first time I go out for a proper run lol I love your IG videos while you run haha capture the true essence of running

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      • I’m right there with you…45 seconds feels like such a long time when you’re running. Haha those videos were the only thing I looked forward to when I went running. They’ll definitely make a comeback this year!

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        • Yay! Hehe that’s awesome! You just look so over it when you’re doing them lol I’m in the middle of filming for my online lessons. I hope everyone in this house likes dr Seuss Cos thats what I’m reading next!

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  5. I work in the school system as of now, we are shut down for 4 weeks totsl. I have been walking/moving more. I’m going back today to the park. I have been getting really creative in finding things to do. (I’m currently watching the opera, La Bohem, online. It’s pretty cool to see thjs. It’s almost done and I’m gonna make myself get out of this apartment and go walk. Hope you’re well!!

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  6. I’m glad you’re running again! 🙂 My two races this month got canceled, so I’ve just been running for fun I guess. I’m working from home now but I still want to run three times a week to keep up my distances and give me something to do/get out of the house.

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    • I haven’t gotten into running again JUST yet lol but I am out every day this week hehe and yoga every day as well. I have an appointment tomorrow which will keep me from exercising for a little tiny bit but I’ll get back into it quickly

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  7. Good on you, T! My gym is now closed thanks to covid, so I am trying to work out what to do. I walk the dog nearly every day (sometimes The Hub or Barbarians do it), but he’s old – deaf, nearly blind and arthritic – so for him the walk is all about smells. As a result we stop constantly – which makes what is already a short walk s l o w and not much in the way of exercise for the human (although it is nice being outside). I have a pushie, but I haven’t ridden it in a couple of years (I grew up with a pedal brake, no gears bike so this whole handbrake and gears thing is tricky). Maybe that is what I’ll have to do? But we’re coming into winter…

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    • I’m sorry, can you translate “pushie” for me please?! Lol

      I wore my running shoes on Friday! Today no outing. Cold and rainy and windy and gross. Full rest day for me today – no walk or yoga. Tomorrow I’ll pick it up again lol


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