#atoz Theme Reveal

The day has come my little Peeps and Meeps!

I know I just posted about A to Z a few days ago and I usually have a massive lead up to this day, but life is busy! Or was. Today is day 3 of doing nothing. And I’m not even writing this today. I wrote it yesterday because I was bored and I wanted to get on it. So getting on it I am!

Just a recap for those of you who don’t know what this is or what’s going on:

A to Z Challenge is a challenge for all of April. You make posts on every single day (except for Sundays) according to a letter of the alphabet. So April 1st will be A, 2nd B, 3rd C. Y’all get the idea! You can have a theme or not, it’s your choice. And the best thing about it is that you are doing it along side like hundreds of other people and you go and check them out from the master list posted on the A to Z website.

This will be my 5th year doing this challenge. The first year I found out from a fellow blogger literally the day before it started so I picked a really easy theme and made easy posts.

The next year I PLANNED the heck out of the challenge. Writing up drafts before hand, doing final edits the day of, posting, engaging. All that fun stuff. But it was a lot of work.

Year three, I made the choice to plan ahead of time, and schedule all my posts ahead of time. I almost didn’t make a few posts the year before and that was stressful. So by April 1st I had all my posts scheduled and I just had to engage with people. But a few bloggers made comments that it was cheating to do that because I wasn’t doing any real work the day of. And that kind of hurt. Cos I did the work, just I’m a planner and I planned it early.

Last year, I decided to try to do it only on the day of. I had such a specific theme. I was going to do short stories, 500 words each, all independent of each other (easier that way), and I would not do any writing until the day it had to be posted. It fit my schedule but still some days were a struggle and I didn’t get to engage as much as I wanted to.

So this year, I am ignoring all the critics and doing things my way. Since I have the next three weeks off from work, I will be writing every day in preparation for A to Z 2020. I will be scheduling as many posts as possible before I have to return back to work on April 6th. Which will hopefully give me lots of time after work to focus on engaging with the others who are participating in the challenge.

And now onto the awesome part which I know you have been waiting for!! MY THEME!

I know some people can do this without a theme but I can not. I loved my theme last year and being able to write some fiction stories since I hardly ever get to do that! So this year, my theme will be:


Yeah, same as last year basically. Except I’m not putting a word limit on myself or a time limit or when I can write. I will just be writing.

I have these little flash cards from when I was teaching ESL to little kids and will be using them as my inspiration for each day. I need to. I can’t not have it.

So there ya have it! My theme has been decided and now it’s official!

37 thoughts on “#atoz Theme Reveal

  1. Your flash cards looks cute! Can’t wait to read your fiction stories! And good on you for trying to schedule posts ahead of time, I’m hoping to do that too, so good luck to us! 😀

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  2. Wonderful!
    I want to support you in the scheduling ahead thing. I do it too. NOT CHEATING. Those who say so are PROCRASTINATORS! Hahahahaha. I think I did “day of” early on in my A-Z career. It is a brutal way to do the challenge. See you on A Day!
    My A-Zs:

    Back ends of trucks (4th year)
    “Stitching the World” A-Z (embroidery project)



    • Omg day of is BRUTAL! One or two during the challenge but every day last year was rough. I’m onto C today! Haha so far they are not my regular cupcakes and rainbow stories but that’s ok! I’m not restricting the creative flow


  3. Frankly I love the challenge of writing in the moment, but I appreciate all the variations engaged in by those doing the challenge. I love stories, so I’m looking forward to your posts. And wishing you lots of luck (and fun) as you prepare.

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    • haha I’m an ok “day of writer” its how I used to blog when I had a different job so it was ok for a few years. but career changes mean blog changes too hehe. Thankfully I am getting a jump on the letters now 🙂 thanks for dropping by!


  4. I’m a planner, too. If things go well, I’ll have all my posts scheduled before April 1 — or at least the drafts. I’m looking forward to your fiction.

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  5. Totally not cheating. I always prep ahead (or I would never be able to do it). That’s why I’ve had to bow out of this year because I was away for the last month. I am going to miss doing it though. Half tempted to jump in, lol. Next year! Maybe I can spend this April trying to think of a theme for next April *grin*.

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    • Hehe you can still play along even without registering! If you have extra time one day find out what letter it is and make a post? Or just visit me every day and comment on all my stories 😂 they are pretty dark right now though haha not sure what’s going on in my brain but whoa


  6. Pssh you shouldn’t listen to them anyways.
    You wrote them, who cares if you wrote it that day or weeks before. There is no rule stating that it should be written that day. Annyways what they don’t know wont kill em.
    Can’t wait to read your posts!
    See you around 🙂

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