The break has begun

Get used to seeing more posts from me. I’m at home for three weeks and need some entertainment.

So the March Break has begun. But also the closure of schools for COVID.

I had planned to spend a day with my toddler (who is now almost 5 so he’s not a toddler anymore but he shall forever be called my toddler) and his mom called yesterday morning. All the museums and libraries are closed she said we can reschedule for when this is all over with. Which is great. I was going to email her this weekend anyway. She asked if I could

I have secured the same job for this summer that I had last summer – if it’s still happening. It’s a summer camp job where students from Europe come here for ESL lessons during the day (my part) and then touristy activities during the afternoon. Hopefully this will all blow over by then and I still have a summer job. Like I will still be getting my salary but it would be nice to have a little something extra.

Anyway, the lady I always email with emailed Friday night and asked if I would be willing to supply for the week of March Break. I replied and said yes right away and then right before bed I started to get a sore throat. So I emailed her again Saturday afternoon that I’d have to change my answer.

Now don’t freak out! It’s a sore throat. I have had really bad allergies this year and I had cut back on the meds that I had been taking. The meds stop the running nose which irritates the throat causing it to hurt and making me cough. The weather has been up and down and cold and damp and I spent all week yelling at children. I went to my doctor’s after school yesterday to get a refill on my allergy pills. The doctor checked my lungs. Even before symptoms appear you can hear if you have developed COVID in your lungs. He said my lungs are perfect so it’s legit just a sore throat.

So it’s all good. Just a sore throat. But I’m also being smart and cautious about it as well. I’ll stay home and monitor myself for a few days. I cancelled all my other plans. I have The Guy wanting to do something this week since we haven’t hung out since December so that might be nice. He didn’t have anything in mind but maybe dinner would be good – easy to catch up and still a safe option for entertainment. I’ll have to see how this throat thing plays out and if it’s more serious than just some allergy pills, I’ll have to get a rain check on it.

But in the mean time, I’ll be posting more often here, and working on lesson plans, and working on A to Z. Reading, and watching tv. I have a whole bag of snacks! And lots of tea/hot chocolate to keep me content. And the naps. Oh goodness think of all the naps I can take! I’ve already turned off all my alarms. I’ll get back into regular sleep schedule mode the last week of this break haha. And I watched the Love is Blind reunion yesterday! I was waiting for my viewing partner but since I had this sore throat I told him not to come and I can’t wait any longer to watch it!!!!

How are all you guys doing? Are you ok? Are you home from school/work? Let’s keep ourselves connected here so that we have some sort of social life.

13 thoughts on “The break has begun

  1. I am wondering how this all will affect my typing work. On the other hand, it will give me lots of time in the studio for crafting if I’m not typing. Maybe people will online shop at Etsy more? What a crazy time, huh?

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    • Haha possibly! My sore throat is better today which is great! And I’m monitoring my lungs and temperature like 100% more than I normally would based on a sore throat and cough. But I’m also not self-isolating. Like yes I’m home but that’s cos it’s my weekend and all my plans were cancelled 😂 and also I’m exhausted from last week. But I’ll go out every day for fresh air and walks and stuff during my break. Get some sunshine. I rather like the no stress of being home.

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  2. I’m on break too even though we just had reading week in February. I’m technically still in school but we are waiting for the curriculum to get revamped. I’m not exactly sure what this is going to entail. In the meantime, I’m at home lazing on the couch and catching up on WP posts. You might be seeing more posts from me as well (or not). I’m terrible for writing on a consistent basis!

    I’m wondering if Term 7 will be cancelled which starts April 30. I hope they don’t cancel it since I really don’t want to wait another year to attend school. Seriously, this whole thing has dragged out so much that I might as well be in a 4 year program, even though this thing was only supposed to be 2 years. As of now it’s 3 years but that could easily change based on what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. 🙄

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    • Oh dang! I’m glad we have to do online lessons. I already feel like I’m so far behind in math that a few condensed lessons here and there will let me cover topics quicker than if I needed to be giving full lessons at school

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      • That sucks. On the bright side, you have time now to get that stuff done! I’m still waiting from the faculty for the revised schedule and they are in a frenzy right now. I’m guessing I will have a bunch of assignments and whatnot to complete which is fine, but annoying. I still plan on going to the library this week so that I can stay on some kind of schedule. It’s so easy to fall behind when we don’t have a plan in place.

        If you can, give them math games. My teachers used to give us handouts with games for us to complete. Honestly I learned more from doing these activities than I did from listening to a teacher lecture in class. Some math books have fun activities for kids based on their grade level and the teachers would literally make mass photocopies of the pages lol. Idk if you’re able to do that but I highly suggest doing it if you are allowed.


    • Haha! I’m surprised we are working from home but I also love it! I have a weeks worth of slides prepped just from this afternoon. Now I have to do videos and put in what pages to do in the workbooks. Woot! On the ball

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