Another post about COVID

Because is this world pandemic even happening if every blog you follow isn’t posting about it?!

Alright so we all know that the world is hurting right now because of this COVID virus. I’m not worried about contracting it, if I do, I’m a healthy person with no respiratory issues. So I think I’d survive it ok. I am being careful and washing hands more and more carefully.

But this week, I was STRESSED. I had a student come back from Cuba on Tuesday. And I was fine until she got back to school. Then it hit me. There was a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I needed to be more prepared. So I went out Wednesday evening and got a bag full of canned stuff just in case, and then Thursday I did my weekly shop early just to make sure that I had food in the house.

That was all it took to calm me down.

But now, in Ontario, all the public schools are closed for two weeks after March Break. March Break just started tonight so we already have a week off. Our board of directors decided to follow suit and the private school I work at is closed until April 6th.

At first I was all excited and then I was like OMG I’M GOING TO BE SO BORED!! And THEN I was like “NO! I’m already behind in math, am I still going to get paid? Omg this sucks”. Then a few hours later, our principal emailed and said that we are still required to teach our students. We must all utilize google classroom, so today I sent home all the folders my kids will need and most of the work sheets and will be making power points and videos for lessons so that students won’t be missing any work.

The students are excited to have “home school” for two weeks, and that they get to see my house. Which will legit just be me in front of a black curtain that I have across my closet. It’s not that exciting. BUT I did bring books home for read-alouds, and I have all my books here to keep up my lessons.

I will also try to get outside for some fresh air and to start playing with my acrylics to see how building nails is. I’m excited!!

The toddler and I were supposed to have a date next week at a museum, but it’s closed for three weeks. And all the libraries are closed for three weeks. I’m not sure if we are still going to be meeting up.

So that’s my update! I think most people are going crazy for no reason. But I also know that I had a few days of panic there myself. Now that it’s March Break and I am home and safe and healthy (doctor checked my lungs today at a quick prescription refill appointment and he said I’m perfect. He was talking about my lungs but I’m gonna apply it to my whole person) I am feeling at ease and ready to just not have to wake up to an alarm every day. Oh goodness three whole weeks of quiet!

Happy Friday! And happy extra post this week! Stay safe and healthy my loves! Come back tomorrow for my regular Saturday post!

Also, stop what you are doing and go wash your hands. Then put on lotion because dry hands suck!

20 thoughts on “Another post about COVID

  1. Thank goodness for technology, right? I wonder what would have happened if there was no internet to keep the classrooms going. Are there people who don’t have internet in their homes? We didn’t for the longest time and I used to get so mad at the kids’ teachers for giving them assignments that had to be done using online information. Good luck!

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    • Your kids are around my age and I agree, when I was in school that would have sucked! But yes all students have Internet or their friends do. It’s such a small community school and most people are immigrants and they all understand the struggle, that like if one parent doesn’t have it then someone else will make sure they have access.

      I only have one parent who isn’t on google classroom, and I have her personal email and send her things directly. And of course it’s awesome in class with her son “if I have to talk to you one more time I’m emailing your mother” 😂😂

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  2. I’m in Alberta and my university shut down today. I still went to clinical but got sent home early. As of tonight, the rest of the semester is cancelled. I’m so confused as to what’s going to happen now as most of our education is hands-on. It seems like the profs as just as confused as we are. I guess we just have to take things day by day, but as as right now, I have a lot of mixed emotions. I feel cheated, happy, relieved, sad, confused, and angry all at the same time.

    I’m not worried about my health. I’m worried about the vulnerable people who may not recover, who may catch it from us if we happen to catch it. We don’t have herd immunity so we need to do whatever we can to keep ours selves healthy.

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    • The best thing is to stay calm and prepared. Make sure you’re washing your hands well and often. And stay away from large groups. Enjoy the early end to your semester! And just don’t go into panic mode. Like everyone needs to chill

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      • Yup. Masks won’t protect us from getting sick and hand washing is one of the best way to protect ourselves. It’s gross when I go to a store and ppl are coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths.

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          • Kids spread their germs EVERYWHERE. Yesterday I saw Becca lick the side of those open freezer things at the grocery store. Gross.

            I think that being a teacher would be a really fun job and I think that you are really fortunate to be a teacher. It beats being in health care. I wish I could help out at the hospital but we aren’t allowed to because of potential lawsuits since we are just students.

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            • Being a teacher is super fun! I love it like 90% of the time lol but you also have to get used to hearing your name literally every 10seconds of every day. On Friday I literally told a student i couldn’t talk to him anymore that day (it was 3:30 and dismissal time lol) because he was being too silly and annoying and I was getting angry with him and to go ask a different teacher his question lol like some days you just can’t deal with the constant need for your attention. Three weeks of never hearing “miss E can I get a drink?” Or “she’s not playing with me” is heaven

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              • I’m curious to know what your name is… I rather not call you “gigglingfattie”. I will call you Miss E for now on. And instead of asking for a drink, the next time I’m in Ontario and happen to be in Toronto, we should go out for drinks,
                Even though I don’t really drink. 😂😅

                It takes a very special person to deal with kids. I thought I wanted to work with kids but the learning curve is a steep one. Turns out I vibe more with old people. Who knew? 🤷‍♀️ Your Job sounds really rewarding, and now you have a break for a while to “relax.” Everyone is still in a panic which I’m hoping dies down during the self-isolation period.

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                • Lol I don’t give my real name. But T works. Or GF. Those are the two choices for anyone on my blog.

                  Everything will die down. We’ve never had to deal with something like this, not even with SARS. Like people just need to realize it’s a few weeks and it will be ok if everyone does their part

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                  • When I think of GF I think of girlfriend. I call one of the other bloggers V so you can be T which works for me. 😅

                    Yup. The world will continue to spin and life will go on. The fear and panic that the media has induced in all of us isn’t helping. I’ve self-isolated and will continue to be a hermit for the time being, which is fine. The only socialization outside of the house that I had was going to campus and classes, so that makes me a bit sad. I guess now would be a great time to play a new video game or binge on a new TV series.

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  3. At least the Canadian government is doing something! Nothing has happened in the UK, the number of case keep growing and the Prime Minister said in a press conference that ideally ‘60% of the UK population needs to get COVID-19 and that many more will die’… I’m part of the ‘at risk’ population so I’m very thankful to already work from home!

    Anyway… Rant over! 😂 I hope all goes well with your online teaching for the next few weeks. Isn’t technology amazing?!

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    • Wait – why does anyone NEED to get the virus? That makes no sense!

      I’m happy to work from home! I have a few things I can’t do but it will be a fast catch up when I return I think. I got offered a supply job downtown where I worked last summer for the week, I accepted it but said I can’t work Friday. but I think I might pull out of it. Woke up with a little bit of a sore throat from yelling at kids all week haha

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      • Because they think it will build herd immunity, but now China says you don’t have immunity after catching it because some people have caught it twice?! I’m avoiding public spaces as much as humanly possible!

        Working from home is fun! You can stay in your pyjamas bottoms all day! 😉 I’m sure it’ll be a quick catch up when you get back in class since kids are still learning. Aww, I hope the sore throat gets better soon! Maybe being at home for a few weeks will help.

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        • Omg that is so stupid! Lol although I was wondering if you could get it twice haha so good to know! I don’t deal with any type of news. It’s really bad and I probably should stay on top of news like an adult but no thank you lol

          And YES! I am excited to work from home! I bought a white board and markers today and have lots of things planned. I’m hoping to get all my lessons planned and recorded and slides put together next week and then two weeks to myself! Haha

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    • Good thing I don’t have a tv with regular channels. I tried to get a news channel from Roku but all of them are American and I don’t need to watch American news lol I’m gonna plan lessons and possibly be working next week 😂😂

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    • Oh fun! I actually hate Skype and video chats and all that but I am excited to do video lessons. I did a test with my webcam this morning and found out I have to mirror the image to get any writing to appear the right way around lol but I have lots of time to figure that out

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