Relaxing with TV

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Alright Peeps and Meeps, it’s been two weeks now and I have some news to share.

I bought myself a TV. FINALLY.

It was suggested to me that my viewing of things would be much better enjoyed if I had a TV. But ever since I moved out of home my last year of university, I have always just used my laptop. Like it’s not bad. It’s easy to use and it’s there and I have had no problems using it. Except like my next hurts sometimes because of having my head turned down to look at the screen. And I don’t want actual TV so what’s the point of having a TV?

But after it was said a few times, I kind of took to the idea. I was shown a smart TV on Amazon and thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad of a thing to get.

I spent the Family Day long weekend two weeks ago in emails with my dad over “what about this one?” “what about this size” and finally settled on one that I liked and ordered it! I settled on a TCL Roku TV.

The Roku system is pretty awesome! It has it’s own streaming channels already pre-loaded and was one of the few systems that promised I could get Disney+. Since I had just purchased a year long subscription to it, I wanted to make sure that the TV was able to play it. So the Roku has Netflix, and Disney+ and about 1000 other channels (some paid, some free) that you can watch. IT HAS AN NHL CHANNEL! NHL!! Or a Hockey TV one. I might actually subscribe to one of them so that I can watch hockey on my TV. How awesome would THAT be?! And think about watching nail videos on the big screen? Or yoga?! It’s pretty awesome.

I even bought a little bluetooth thingy to plug into my TV to play my bluetooth headphones on it. The first night I had some issues getting it to actually play the sound. I couldn’t get it to ever work so I sent it back to Amazon.

BUT the next day I googled and if I download the Roku app and plug in headphones to my phone or just connect my bluetooth headphones, it automatically switches to “private listening” and plays through the phone. The sound and image line up if the wifi is strong enough but it’s never strong enough lol. But I actually don’t need it. I have closed my door and listened from outside and no sound. I have asked the people upstairs if the TV was bothering them when I just happened to be watching a movie at 2am last weekend and they were like “omg you were watching tv?” lol

So overall I am SO happy that I made the small investment into a tv for my room. It’s fully wifi capable and just makes my life a little bit better than it was.

And now this is my life:

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6 thoughts on “Relaxing with TV

  1. Woot woot!

    I was the same. I didn’t have a TV for over 10 years, I mean you don’t really need one when you have a laptop BUT it is so nice to be able to watch movies on an actual tele!!

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