The Three T’s

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Like any good group of 3, there really were 4. Ps: if you haven’t watched the BBC version of the Three Musketeers, watch it! It’s on Netflix and it’s amazing.

When I was in university, I worked at a grocery store. While I was there, I formed some very strong bonds with a few of the other workers because we were all the same age and in the same situation (working student hating the life of a working student). We were inseparable. It wasn’t long before we started calling ourselves The Three T’s.

The 3T’s were a special little group. It all started because T1 was dancing all drunk one night at our favourite place to go, and it hit her that all three of us had names that started with T. So we are all dancing together/on each other, as white girls do in a club, and she’s all “oh yeah….Three T’s!! One, two, three!” and thus we were named and became a proper group.

T1 decided for herself that she would be T1. Because she thought of the 3T’s so she got to decide? I’m not sure. I was T2 because my nick name was Tri-Tri (tree-tree) and still is and it has two T’s in it. Which just left T3 to be T3 because there were no numbers left!

T3 and I were the closest. T1 had her own best friend, who also happened to work with us. But T3 and I were work wives and we both have the same middle name and we are born like two weeks apart and yeah, best friends.

But of course, there is the S in 3T’s. And that was our friend – S. He was our very over the top flamboyant gay friend who fit into our group. The first day I met him, I was being trained on how to train the new employees on cash and he had already moved onto working a till with another cashier. So my manager (the one training me to train so she didn’t have to do it anymore because she hated it) walked me over and had me shadow him for a bit. He said hi and after about 5 minutes, he was scanning a baguette and literally booped me in the boob with it. The customer was NOT impressed but that pretty much cemented our friendship!

The 3T’s did everything together. We worked together (because I made the schedules), we partied together, we studied together (even though we went to different universities and colleges). Sleep overs, late night phone calls, drinking too much, dancing too much, having my first shot of tequila at the diviest bar in Waterloo and not realizing it was going to burn so much and spitting it all over T3’s new birthday dress. We had lots of fun together.

One Christmas I got the girls T initial necklaces, and our S got a superman belt buckle. We were that kind of group.

But, eventually, all good things must come to an end. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but it was like I was the outcast of the group.

kiefer sutherland i feel a bit guilty about this because howie is fantastic GIF

I think it’s because I stopped drinking. We formed our bond when we were all 19/20 when we are all wanting to go out and drink and dance and it ended at 22/23. That was the year I stopped drinking. I’ve always hated the taste of alcohol but I would drink with my friends. I always found it a waste of money to drink at clubs so I would pre-drink and then dance the night away. They were always too drunk to notice my lack of buying drinks I guess?

Then I decided it was a waste. I’d rather drive to the event on my own time (instead of my dad deciding to drop us off at a club at 9 pm…yeah…) and then drive home. No money wasted on cabs. It was good. I was also the only one who had regular access to a car. I was often the designated driver. Which, again, was all good. I had an excuse not to drink.

But then the nights of going out were starting to end. T3 had a HUGE apartment with a few of her friends and our drinking nights soon turned into staying in and drinking nights. So it was very obvious that I wasn’t drinking. I was often the focus of “why aren’t you drinking? what’s your problem?” and I got tired of it really quickly. I started to push back a little bit and that’s what caused me to be pushed out of the group.

The funny thing is now T3 is married to a guy who works for the board of health and is basically at the centre of the sobriety movement happening right now in Waterloo. He’s on the news during the holidays giving non-alcoholic options and ways to support those who aren’t drinking at your parties.

I stopped getting invited to events, and if I was invited I was often left alone being bored off to the side. The last straw for me was that I had gone to T3’s birthday party and it was all good. I made my own party a few weeks later to celebrate my birthday. Everyone RSVP’d but literally not a single person showed up. I was left sitting in my house with one out of town friend waiting for everyone else to show up. We went to the club and a few of my school friends arrived there and we stayed for a little bit until we left to meet my roommates at a more low-key “sit down and talk” bar.

I had had enough of the drama and just deleted the T’s from my facebook. Not S – I thought we were still cool. But as soon as I cut ties with T1 and T3, I was cut from everything. Our work social life was massive and I was now out of it.

A year or so later, T1 re-friended me on Facebook because I was living in Korea and she was planning an Asian trip. We chatted a bit on the messenger and she added me back. I heard from another friend that she was telling people I had reached out to her and I was the one asking to be friends again. Whatever… T3 soon followed as a re-friend but there’s no communication between us. Basically we all have each other on Facebook and Instagram but there’s no interaction. S I haven’t heard from since I moved to Korea in 2010.

Anyways, so there ya have it. The very not so short story of the 3T’s.

12 thoughts on “The Three T’s

    • Once I started to realize how they were treating others outside of our group, I didn’t like that and I pulled away even more. That’s when I started to notice the drinking thing more too. And they weren’t religious but their Muslim friend who didn’t drink because of her religion was spared the backlash. But because I actually don’t like the taste I was mocked? It was so weird. It was sad when it happened but once I got over the loss of companionship, I was happy for the less drama in my life

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      • I get that… Nobody need useless drama! I struggled since moving to the UK because the drinking culture is huge here and I get weird looks when I order a Coke. But in the end, it’s our choice. There’s more to going out than getting drunk!

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  1. That’s too bad. Some people are just not meant to stay in our lives. Sounds like you have some good memories though. Don’t know why people think you have to drink all the time, or why non-alcoholic beverages are not acceptable as drinks. I will have to give The Three Musketeers a look. Loved the movie with Charlie Sheen, Chris O’Donnell and Kiefer

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  2. I think it shows the sort of people they are. I’ve managed to “lose friends” along the way and in hindsight, their behaviour wasn’t the greatest. I sometimes think it’s because they don’t actually like that aspect of themselves so don’t like to see someone else rising above it (if that makes sense).

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