Valenshmine’s Day

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Can anyone guess my thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Just from the title? Yeah – they aren’t so good.

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I’m not really a “non-religious holiday celebrator”. Unless it’s my birthday and GUESS WHAT ITS TWO MONTHS AWAY EXACTLY FROM THIS DAY MARK IT DOWN IN YOUR CALENDARS!

Okies, back to Valenshmine’s Day.

I guess it all started when I was in elementary school. We would make boxes or bags for our little Valentine’s and then hand them out in class and I would make them for everyone because I’m a nice person but that wasn’t the rule when I was in elementary school (in the 90’s) so my little bag or box never had as many as the other “popular” girls.

I felt left out and sad.

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I feel you, Ralph

Who wouldn’t?!

I’m finding that my female students are even worse than the children when I was in elementary school. Already I have a Queen Bee in my class and she’s 7. SEVEN. Running her little group of friends and destroying the social harmony in my room.

So for Valentine’s Day I sent a letter home to parents saying students don’t HAVE to bring Valentine’s but if they do they MUST bring for everyone in the class, and I even included the first names of all the students so that they couldn’t be all like “omg I forgot” No way little Jose!

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To that one girl I know who wants to be “in” and is trying so dang hard.

Anyway, as an adult, I don’t see the need for it. I’d rather have a random Gerbera Daisy on a random day and be surprised by the thoughtful gesture than have a huge arrangement of roses that for one day are like triple the price for no reason AT ALL.

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It’s so disingenuous. Like I know the majority of people who give those things do it from the heart but there is a lot of pressure on one day just to show how much you love someone. A simple “I’m thinking about you” is all I need to be happy.

But also, I’ve only ever not been single on Valentine’s Day once.

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And that relationship was my very first. Little teenage T, in her first little relationship with someone older. Who was away at college during Valentine’s Day and having his own Valentine’s Day with the other person he was also dating at the time.

Maybe when I’m in a relationship during Valenshmine’s Day my attitude will change and I’ll be like “um where are my flowers and cute stuffed hippo and all the expensive unnecessary things to show your love for me?!” But for right now, I think simple gestures are best, and never when it’s forced upon you by societal expectations.

4 thoughts on “Valenshmine’s Day

  1. Totally on board with the random gestures mean more. We don’t celebrate V-Day. In fact, I don’t think we even acknowledged it on Friday. It’s the everyday that means so much more.

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