You’ve been blocked!

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Am I starting a new thing were my posts all begin with gifs? Who knows! I love them!

Let’s talk about blocking people. Most of you know that I have an issue with blocking people. Like it’s really bad. I don’t see the point when I can just stop talking to them, do I have to go to such an extreme as to block them? Like they could just pop back up again and keep talking and but usually if I ask them to leave me alone then they just stop texting me. Or I just delete their number from my phone and if they text I’m like “um who is this?” and it’s awkward for them and they just seem to disappear.

But I do have a blocked list! And just to prove it, here is a picture:

Even though they are all blocked, their privacy is important! LOL

So as you can see, I have no idea who all these people are. There are no names which means I have deleted the contact from my phone. Now I also feel like deleting the contact from my blocked list. Would they then be unblocked? I still wouldn’t know who they were if they were trying to text me since I have deleted their contact information but yeah.

I do know one of those numbers was someone from the summer. It started in like late July, right before I moved, and they would just pop up and ask me how I was and be all coy and “ooo never mind I just remembered who this was, have a nice day” and then a week or two of silence. And then “did you find summer work?” and more silence. Eventually I just was like WHO ARE YOU!?!? And blocked them before they would have even had time to reply. I still have no idea – I do know it’s a Toronto number. The Guy from the summer did some internet/google magic and found that much out because it was an area code neither of us recognized. I had suspicions that it was the pincher/slapper just trying to get back with me after I shut him down completely.

Do you have a blocked list? Do you keep people on it? I hate having people on mine! I’m legit going to mine right now to delete all those people from it. Set them free!! BE FREE BLOCKED PEOPLE OF T’S PHONE! BE FREE!

15 thoughts on “You’ve been blocked!

  1. I have a very extensive blocked list, both on my phone and on social media. I have no problem blocking people! I just think that some people are not worth the mind space, so… But also, after the whole stalking thing in the past few years, I’m more conscious of who I let onto my social media and in my contacts.

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    • Haha now I only have 1. It’s the crazy person from the summer. But when you’re online dating sometimes you just have to block a dude. It’s also why I don’t like giving out my number until I’ve made a connection with a guy. But sometimes they are like “hey how are you?” “Can I get your number?” Like no get to know me first

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  2. First off, pincher/slapper? Now that sounds like a story! 😂. Second, I don’t have a blocked list. I feel like the odd woman out tho, cause I feel like most people do. (I do have a couple blocked accounts on Twitter, but nothing on my phone.) Although, I’ve been married seven years now, I feel like if I was dating today, I’d likely have a list a mile long! 😂

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