No Nail Art Sunday

Hey – what’s up?

Peeps and Meeps – how’s it going? Now that I have a schedule that I use for posting (Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays) I find it hard to just have like a genuine catch up with y’all. Before I used to post what’s on my mind when it’s on my mind, but that lead to a few months of no posts because I just didn’t make the time. I didn’t want to schedule this post so it’s happening instead of Nail Art Sunday.

Well you can have a little nail art! I’m going to do my nails today: white with one yellow gold glittery accent nail. Very nice.

Okies! So onto the catch-up!

Work: Work has been going well. We just finished term two and I’m still here! Kinda. This past week has been rough. Monday I felt queasy all day, Tuesday a tiny little tickle in my throat and then Wednesday I started with half a voice and ended up with no sound coming out at 4pm. Thankfully that day I had a presentation day booked and there was a scientist in my classroom who took control for the whole day. I barely had to do any talking. But I did go to my doctor’s after school and he wasn’t in the office but I did get to see the other doctor who works there and she’s like “yeah its laryngitis, stay home for the rest of the week.” So I immediately texted my VP when I got into my Uber going home and she agreed to take the two days off. So I have been home since Wednesday night. I had planned to do all 47 of my report cards and then draft a list of students that meet certain criteria for my principal while I was home. A little each day would be good! I did it ALL on Thursday. Then I got Disney+ and have just been watching movies ever since basically.

Nails: I haven’t started to practice my acrylics yet. I am waiting for good weather. Then I can open my window and not kill off my brain cells from the monomer. Or take a little table outside and set up in the backyard to do it. At least that way I can form the nails outside and then file and shape inside? Who knows.

Living Situation: Crazy is still crazy. But the trend of him trying to be nice is actually continuing. We haven’t had any clashes lately. Remember back in October when he was all psycho over having to wait for me to leave the house and him being “forced into playing doorman” and he’s not into chivalry for neighbours “regardless of their gender”? Well on Wednesday when I got back from the doctor’s I took out my recycling but left my bin outside by mistake. I went out a few hours later to get it and he was just coming in. So I walked passed him and he waited and actually held the door open…all while making pleasant conversation? I’m shook.

Church: I haven’t been to church in like a month. From weather and illness. I’m starting to feel it, but also I kind of have no motivation to go right now. Our pastor retired at the end of November and our associate pastor was elected to be lead pastor but the church also wants to hire a teaching pastor who will do the sermons on Sundays. Which is weird but whatever works, right? So in the interim, the now-lead pastor is doing the preaching and HE DOES ALL HIS SERMONS AT LIKE THIS LEVEL and it’s not particularly how I like to experience church lol. It’s just so loud. The last time I was there (3 or 4 Sundays ago?) the little old lady in front of me was legit covering her hearing aids cos he was so loud. He’s a great leader for the church, and he’s actually the head of my small group where he does speak at a much more tolerable level, but man it’s hard sometimes to get the motivation to go! Next month I’ll be better.

The dating apps: Peeps. And. Meeps. UGH I paused/hid all my accounts last Saturday lol. I needed a break from them. They are exhausting.

Letting things go: Y’all know that I struggle with this. I have a post coming up next Monday about letting a person go. I’m still struggling with the choice even though I know it’s the best for me. Like I’ll be happier in the long run, I know I will be. But it’s still hard.

The Guy: I said happy birthday! Cos I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! And it was his 40th and I didn’t want to miss it. Well, apparently I had it wrong and was almost a week late so I fail. Whatever. We have fallen into a nice “friend” groove which suits us. We will go a month or so without talking, one of us will do something (I say happy birthday, or he’ll send a picture of a nail design he thinks I’ll like) and we’ll have a short exchange and then a few weeks of silence again. Good balance.

Yoga: I finished my 30-day thing and was all set to start up other videos and then last week’s attack of the illness happened so it’s been delayed. I do miss it! And have been wanting to get back into it. Perhaps this afternoon lol.

The voice: After sitting at home for three full days and not talking, it’s almost back. I had a 5-min conversation with the lady from upstairs last night and it was good! But then spent about 30 minutes coughing so not so good. I have meds packed and ready to go for school tomorrow!

So that’s my catch up! How has life been for you? Any suggestions on kicking this laryngitis faster? It’s killing me!

14 thoughts on “No Nail Art Sunday

  1. The best thing for no voice is no talking….I know, because I lose my voice easily (I never used to, no idea why I do now).

    Sounds like life is going okay for you, as in, normal ups and downs, but nothing hugely high or low. Which is nice sometimes. When you put it all together (no church, off apps etc) kinda sounds like you knew you needed a break from it all and just a bit of “steady”.

    I hope you’re feeling better and will be ready to face the day at school on Monday.

    (As an aside, it is Monday morning here and it is raining!!!! A fire that’s been burning for 74 days is finally out! And the fire near us has dropped to the lowest alert level with hopes it might go out too.)

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    • Ugh no talking is so difficult when you teach 😓 LOL I am feeling better! The cough is going away, the voice is getting better. Tomorrow should be good. I’m just excited to be able to go and do something! I’m sure that it will aggravate my throat to be teaching but that’s ok.

      And YAS! Omg I’m so happy that you’re finally getting rain!!! Hopefully it doesn’t switch to flooding

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  2. Thank you so much! I think I have some gravy mix that you mix with liquid/water. I’ll try it soon, just gotta find some cheese curds At local grocery stores here. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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