Nail Art Sunday

Oooo I lied y’all!

I didn’t do white and gold glitter. I chose pink glitter and a heart decoration. My goal is to keep them nice for as long as possible which means I have to fight my nature of picking at the sides and the decorations lol

I also used my new electric nail file for the first time!! I used it to prep my nails and it worked out really well! The bit that I chose was perfect for gently buffing the surface, I was able to get into the edges much better than with a regular file AND it was fast and if didn’t hurt my skin. Even doing my non-dominant hand was good!

Happy Valentine’s Day week!

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

  1. Ahh, forgot about Valentine’s Day. The Hub and I have never got into that stuff. Rather show each other every day than have to put in effort on a day determined by something unrelated to us. Plus it’s my brother’s birthday, so yah know…

    But your nails look lovely 🙂

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