30-Day Yoga Reflection #ywaHOME

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When I started this journey of yoga for 30-days, I thought that it would be much harder to keep up than it was. I usually don’t finish anything like this if I start it but this time I had two reasons to keep going that I never did before: my best friend was also doing it, and I was blogging about it.

Having the accountability of posting after the session and talking to my best friend about it kept me going. And honestly, some days I really needed it!

I got into a really good groove with my yoga. I’d have dinner mostly prepped for the week, or things that were quick to cook, so that when I came home from teaching I could just do yoga and then eat.

I started out eating and then around 7 pm doing yoga, but doing yoga first and then eating was such a better idea. No matter what time I did my yoga, I always had to remember to just change right into my yoga stuff as soon as I got home. If I took off my dress pants and put on my pjs “just until yoga” yoga was not going to happen HAHA.

I’ve learned a lot about myself during those 30-days. I now consciously walk straighter, I try not to slouch over so much when I’m teaching my students. I noticed that since I’m at home I give up easier when the poses are hard or my muscles are aching. But I think that’s normal for everyone. If I’m in a class, I want to keep up with the class. I want to do it EXACTLY as everyone else because I don’t want to feel like I’m out of place or “why is that fat girl trying, she can’t even do it right!” But one of the things I love about yoga is that there are usually ways that you can alter poses to fit your fitness level.

But I also found that I was improving myself as I went! When I started, If I was in downward facing dog and we had to go to the top of the mat, then I’d have to stand up fully, and walk to the new position and then get into the new post. By the end I was able to at least step into the middle of my matt haha! I’ve pushed myself a little to hold poses longer even when it’s difficult or my muscles are hurting. So it’s been a good experience.

I definitely want to keep up the yoga practice after work. I have enjoyed the routine of it, but not the stress of having to do a routine every day. Yoga With Adriene has tons of programs posted that take you through a journey like Home did. I’ve already looked through them and have picked one that I will be starting. I hadn’t started it yet, though. It’s been a week of illness and a pinched nerve so maybe today I’ll get it started. I’m excited to keep this in my routine as a regular thing. And I’m also excited to do it in a non “30-day” way and be able to allow myself a day off here or there if I need it lol.

5 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga Reflection #ywaHOME

  1. Good for you, T. It’s funny, last week another blogger friend was also talking about how she’s started Yoga with Adriene and wants to make it a regular thing.

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    • It’s a nice way to relax after work! Like I literally come home and change right into yoga clothes so I can do it before I eat and I’m always hungry haha so it gets done right away!! I’ve really missed not doing it this week so I am definitely starting it up again!

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