Nail Art Sunday: Practice!

My last shipment from China has FINALLY arrived!

Alright Peeps and Meeps! Here it is! I have finally received my practice fingers in the mail! I ordered these on December 5th and the delivery window from Amazon said Dec 31-Jan 22. So literally every single day since January 1st when I got home from my Christmas holiday at my parents’ house I have been checking the mail for these stupid things!

January 22nd arrived and no fingers. January 23 and I emailed the seller. They said it was caught up in customs. Ohh how well I know THAT tale because of my mom’s Christmas gift! They FINALLY arrived on the 28th. YEAH THE 28TH!!!

Now I can finally start to practice building acrylic nails but I’m kind of scared to start because the smell is going to be strong and I can’t have my window open right now because it’s Canada and it’s cold lol.

Sure, they look super creepy and not what I was expecting at all, but they are for practice. They don’t have to be adorable lol they just have to be a fake nail bed for me to put product on! And that is what they are. They are a little small and narrow, but again, it will work. lol

6 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Practice!

  1. Someone in the customs office had to look at it go through a X-ray machine… They probably have nightmares now! Haha!

    I look forward to see what you do with them though. πŸ™‚

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