30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

Day 24-30, but also Day 23 and probably 22 as well….

It is safe to say that I have never followed a monthly exercise routine in my entire life. While living in South Korea I did pilates with a coworker at least once a week for a few months, but the class was THREE times a week so only going once didn’t really do anything. It just caused me to feel tired and weak because I wasn’t working at it consistently. So doing this 30-day yoga practice has been a challenge! In motivation, in consistency, in personal honest and growth. BUT I’m still here and working it!

So, as I write this, it is Day 25 on the youtube channel. Which means I currently have three sessions to do before I am on track again. It’s not going to happen. I know Day 24 is short, 18 minutes I think. And Day 23 is only 21 if I’m not mistaken so I will try to double up here and there if I can. But let’s not forget that I only lasted 10 of the 32 minutes out of Day 22 before giving up. It will be a journey and this might not be getting posted on February 1st, but I think at this point I am ok with that. On to the yoga!

Day 23 Focus: 21 minutes! Super short, I got to smack my butt again! It’s also Sunday – I SHOULD be on day 25. I ordered sushi for lunch and finished eating over three hours ago and I still feel super gross and full BUT I made it through Day 23! I think I realized one reason I couldn’t do Day 22 yesterday, in the morning I have what I like to call “morning allergies” my nose is all stuffy and snuffly and I couldn’t breathe through my nose easily which didn’t allow me to take deep breaths. Today is better. Doing Day 24 right away! Let’s crush this!

Day 24 Uplift: Super quick and easy 16 minute practice for this one!! The hardest part for me was staying in plank pose and then moving my right toes to kiss the edge of the mat, back to center, left toes to edge of mat and back to center. I’m 100% sure that I wasn’t in a proper plank post and I was only moving my toes like an inch or two to each side instead of the full outside of the mat, and I wasn’t keeping up with her speed, BUT I DID IT. And I am super proud of myself!

Now I am still technically one routine behind where Adriene is posting and since I am massively avoiding the school work that I need to be doing, GUESS WHAT! I’M GONNA GO FOR THREE!!! Don’t think I’m crazy, ok? I saw the thumbnail for Day 25 and she’s laying on a pillow with a blanket over her so I think it will be ok. It’s also only 18 minutes so chill out, I’m not pushing myself too hard. I promise.

Day 25 Unwind: Three in one day!! This one wasn’t as easy as I was anticipating!! The leg stretches are always difficult for me but it was a good end to the three video day that I just completed. Now I feel refreshed and back on track. I don’t know what it is but I need to be on the same day as Adriene or I feel so off track lol. Like I’m behind and I know that’s not even a thing but ya know, it bothers me. This strict having to do it every day is hard! Especially since one day can set you back. But I’m all caught up now and I am where I need to be and should finish on time with the program! She ended today with “the awesome in me recognizes the awesome in you” and I think she knew I’d be doing three videos all at once and now I am awesome! BOO YAH!

Day 26 Keep: Y’all is has BEEN a Monday! UGH Like for reals! But I’m glad that I did this routine, just a little bit of stretching and calming down after the day that I’ve had was needed! The legs are still not there for me with this yoga, like the muscles burn and shake and give out. I’m trying to push myself to hold longer than I want to, to work those muscles and not give up so I’m trying. It doesn’t help that I’m on my feet all day lol But today that burn felt good to get rid of some of this negative energy that has been clouding around me. And now I’m going to go and eat lots and lots of carbs YAY

Day 27 Integrate: So I started the practice today SO HUNGRY! I got home from work and like my stomach was GROWLING so I grabbed a snack and then jumped right into it. It was 26 minutes long and I wasn’t sure I wanted to wait that long to eat so I was all “I’ll start and just like Saturday cut out half way through” but then I looked up at the clock and I had 10 minutes left and I was all “dang I can go 10 more minutes! It’s not like I’m dying” cos I’m not. I’m just hungry. I’m not eating as much or as many snacks so my body is still getting used to that. Today was good. I’m still struggling with the leg strength but I’m hoping that I’m at least growing a little bit of muscle there haha. The pyramids and standing splits and three legged dogs are killers. And for some reason my left leg shakes and gets tired easier and faster. MAYBE because we always do the right leg first so by the time we get to the left my muscles are tired? Who knows. PASTA HERE I COME!

Day 28 Nourish: I AM SO HUNGRY! So due to a slip of the mind for me, I didn’t have anything ready for dinner tonight and I grabbed some pizza slices on the way home. So it’s waiting for me! HUNGRY HUNGRY!!!

Today was good! It was a short 17 minute practice, and was doable. I didn’t do full planks when needed but allowed myself the care to be on my knees. Still in plank, but half plank. All I can think about is how my tummy is rumbling and now I am ready to eat! TWO MORE DAYS

Day 29 Intuit: Ugh today sucked. I’m a ball of emotions, leaving work I was fighting back tears. I hate feeling this way because I know part of it I did to myself. The other part is frustration with my students and their parents. Like today was just a bad day.

So to get home and have to do 26 minutes of yoga was not what I wanted to do. I had to skip yesterday but that’s ok. I will still finish on Saturday. Today’s practice was good. It was ok. I guess. My legs are dead and I have no idea how I did it all but I did it.

I am excited for tomorrow to be my last day. I am enjoying having this as part of my routine but I am not enjoying the “omg I have to get a practice in or I’ll be off schedule!” I know I don’t have to do it every day but my mind says I have to since it’s following the teacher and the program to finish by today (or tomorrow). And tomorrow is over 40 minutes so I am not excited about that HAHA

Day 30 Journey: So apparently what Adriene does for the last day of her 30-day thing is that she takes her microphone off and does the practice in silence. I started to do the video and it was weird and because I have my laptop on the floor I had to keep opening my eyes and looking to see what the heck was going on and how many times is she doing that and just no. I lasted all of 3 minutes before I was like enough of this! And switched to the routine that I missed last Saturday. If I was able to do yoga by myself, I wouldn’t be on your YouTube channel Adriene!

Day 22 Stir: Okies so I tried to do this last Saturday morning and it was a huge mess! I lasted all of 10 minutes out of the 32 and then my body just collapsed down and I had no muscle strength left. I decided to just leave it and move on. I’m glad that I did it today though! It gave me the chance to actually finish the routine (even though the arms were killing by minute 8!) and a chance to revisit pigeon pose which I KNOW I wasn’t doing correctly the other time that Adriene had it in one of the routines. This time I followed her body shape better and was conscious of how my legs were. It still sucked, don’t get me wrong! But I got the stretch that was intended.

And that’s it my lovelies! I actually finished the 30-day challenge! WOOHOO! Come back next Saturday for a reflection of the whole experience! šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

  1. Yay, you did it! šŸŽ‰ Congratulations! I’ve never done any of Adrienne’s routine, but that challenge sounds intense enough. Pigeon pose is my favourite pose of all I think… Do you use a pillow under your hip? It really helped me to align properly.

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