30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

Day 17-23

Day 17 Synchronize: my mind was ALL over the place today. I’m still waiting for like the shoe to drop and for Adriene to start hitting us with super hard routines. Maybe I’m just not doing the poses correctly and that’s why I’m thinking that it’s easy? Except for the lunges. UGH, the tops of my thighs ARE ON FIRE ALL THE TIME!! Also, I have a low ceiling so all of these “breath in and stretch all the way up” doesn’t work for me. I usually have my hands flat on the ceiling. I was kind of over it today. Maybe because it’s the weekend and I was inside all day…. *shrugs*

Day 18 Believe: Well Adriene must have heard my suspicions about it being too easy because today was HARD YO! Like I was sweating and shaking! I’ve also learned to actually breathe instead of holding my breath. Like she’ll say “breathe in” and then go off on a little side rant and I’m waiting for instructions because on the exhale you usually have to do something. So I used to hold my breath waiting, but now I just let it go as I normally would and catch her on the next cycle of breath lol. I did step down weird on my left ankle during one of the poses so I’m hoping that doesn’t turn into anything serious.

Day 19 Balance: Okies so I got some sad news on my way home from work today, which I’ve blogged about (not sure if it’s been posted or not yet) but I was sad and hurt. What is it about the last week that so many people are making me sad and hurt?! UGH it’s killing my yoga vibe!! Today had another crow pose, with the knees in the armpits and balancing on the hands lol Thankfully, Adriene had alternatives build in which was AWESOME and I was able to hold the squating pose on my toes for almost the whole time she was up there. I also have sore abs from yesterday! WOO!

Day 20 Still: Ok so I’m a day behind AGAIN. But for good reason. I had a coffee meet up with a guy Tuesday night so that pushed my practice off by a day. This week is crazy cos Friday I have bible study so that’s another push, and Saturday I’m babysitting my toddler who is now a pre-schooler so probably ANOTHER PUSH but it’ll all work out in the end. Hoepfully.

I tried my best on this one. A lot of it was plank and on my forearms and that kinda really hurt. I did most of the planks on my knees not my toes but at least I could kinda feel it in my abs. Since I’m at home I don’t push myself as much as if I was in a class so for the remaining 10 days, I’m going to try my best to push myself longer than I would normally, even if it’s just one cycle of breath.

Day 21 Boost: Today’s practice was pretty good. I pushed myself when my muscles were getting tired, but there was on part right near the end that I couldn’t do – I just didn’t have the space or core muscles to do it completely like Adriene wanted but I managed! Three weeks of yoga done! 9 more days to go!

Day 22 Stir: GUYS! I’m two days behind. Saturday morning yoga to catch up!

Ok, full disclosure: I didn’t even finish this. I lasted 10 of the 32 minutes. I don’t know what’s going on today but as soon as I did the first pose my whole body was like NO, I’m done. So I’m going to listen to that. My muscles were cramping and exhausted. I didn’t do yoga Tuesday night and Friday night (last night) so I should have finished Day 23 on Friday for this post to go up. But I had a coffee date and bible study those nights so I have to push the days. Maybe I can squeeze in two tomorrow afternoon and be almost back on track. I’ll try to revisit this day later. Maybe it’s because I’m doing it first thing in the morning trying to get back on track but I don’t know. I have babysitting this afternoon so no time to do more today. First time this has happened…..

14 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

  1. It’s a good idea to listen to your body. You don’t want to injure yourself. And your body needs some rests days to repair, so I’d say you did the right thing.

    Don’t think the sad news post has gone up 😦

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  2. Girl! Don’t push yourself too much. Not only could you hurt yourself, you could develop a distaste for yoga altogether! If you force yourself to do something you don’t want to do, you’ll eventually grow to resent it. So what if you take an extra day or two to complete the challenge…?

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