Kids Say

I had to give my students a little talk about seeing me during parent/teacher interviews. It went a little bit like this:

Me: Ok, so remember, if you see me sitting at the table with an adult, don’t shout hi to me, don’t come over, I need to have a private conversation with them. I was placed in the cafeteria for my interviews, so the students who had soccer at the community center saw me the night before and kept interrupting my interviews.

Boy 1: What does private mean?!

Me: Secret. I need to pay attention to the parent and talk to them. I only have a few minutes with each one so I need to focus. But if I’m sitting by myself, you can come and say hi.

Boy 2: But if you’re alone we can say hi?

Me: Absolutely! I’d love that!

Boy 2: And we can hug you?!

Me: YES! Always come and give me a hug! I love hugs.

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