30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

Days 9-16

Day 9 Inquire: oh HELLO muscles! Peeps and Meeps, I am so glad that I waited to do this practice. If I had done it Friday evening like I had planned to, there would have been NO WAY it would have been finished. So many new moves I had never encountered before. And pigeon pose? WHHHAT! Dude not cool at all. Day 10 is already posted (because I am once again a day behind) and it’s only 18 minutes. Today was 26. I think I’ll get it in tonight if I have space in my room with my clothes rack up and full of clothes.

Day 10 Ground and Day 11 Dig: Yup! Sunday was a two yoga practice day again! Ground was good! Like a little pain in the muscles but that’s ok. I wanted to do that second practice Saturday afternoon but I had a tiny little fever (like 0.01 degree over where my thermometer beeps crazy at me) but I had no energy so I had it for today. Ground was 18 minutes, Dig was 21. Dig was much harder for me! There is a sequence of poses that I literally could not do and spent that few minutes kneeling on my mat going “WHAT?! How am I supposed to even get CLOSE to that?!” I posted a comment on the video’s page on YouTube because usually, Adriene will give some alterations or instructions on how to do it if you’re not able to, but not this time. Back on track and ready to roll into next week! WOOT 1/3 done!

Day 12 Nurture: Blanket day!! WOOT! Another one! I was all ready for this workout today. I was home earlier than normal, I had energy, I was good to go!! But then it was a blanket day. Like I am loving these blanket days, but I’m sure when I need one it’s going to be a super intense workout and I’m going to be like “nnnooooo where is my blanket day!” Anyways, love you xoxo!

Day 13 Grow: Ya know what? I didn’t come home dreading having to do a yoga routine tonight! I had to go and switch somethings at a clothing store and then got home late and hungry. But the routine was only 18 minutes and I knocked it out! BAM! Like it was a little hard and I am now DYING of hunger but I did it and I’m super proud! YAY ME

Day 14 Return: I was distracted today. Like I didn’t want to do this, I’m in a horrible mood, holding back tears of frustration over things and I’m tired and hungry and it was 27 minutes! TWENTY-SEVEN! My downward facing dogs were filled with angry exhales and grumpy attitudes. Ugh. I’m leaving to make pizza…..

Day 15 Reset: Halfway done! Heck yes! A little better mood today, like still holding onto those emotions from yesterday, it will be a few days before they dissipate but I’m trying to not let it interfere. And of course, Crazy Roommate did something annoying. BUT this isn’t complaining with Adriene, it’s yoga with Adriene! Yoga was awesome! I had an appointment tonight at 5 pm so I didn’t start yoga until 7:15, like two hours later than normal. And I was actually missing it. I am really starting to dig this new routine of mine. All those months of “I can’t do it after work I’m too tired” was bogus. T, ya bogus! *finger snap* I’ve started doing silly things in my practice, like going in warrior pose, I make one of those Mulan “angry face” things, and I don’t notice it until I’m giggling over it. You know, the one that gets this response:

disney GIF

So yeah, I’m starting to get silly with it (nanananananna HEY nananannanan getting silly with it) HAHA ok I’ll stop. Lots of love Peeps and Meeps!

Day 16 Savor: Today was another “gonna do grocery shopping Friday night instead of Saturday morning” type of day. Last weekend we had a TON of rain, and this weekend we are supposed to be getting a TON of snow. But ya know what? I didn’t wimp out like last Friday! Since I did my yoga at 7pm last night and nothing bad happened I also did it at 7pm tonight, and guess what?! Nothing bad happened! Like omg, so crazy!

I have started to recognize how I am walking now. Adriene has this thing where she goes “head over heart, heart over pelvis, tuck the lower ribs in” and I feel like I’m walking like that all the time now. Or if I’m walking, I can feel myself correcting that standing position. Even when I am just standing still. It’s great. I feel better, I have more energy. We have just passed the halfway point and are now into the last 14 days. I am really cherishing this time that I have for myself each night. Like sure it takes away from my relaxing but that’s ok. I now feel like I need this every day, and there is a huge possibility that I will continue it after the first 30 days are over.

2 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

  1. T, that is awesome! It’s so much easier to do something when you are getting a positive result. That’s the best motivation there is. Good luck for the next 15 =)

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