Kids Say

Walked into my classroom after recess and straight into this conversation:

Boy: I wish I was a girl sometimes

Me: How come?

Boy: Because girls don’t have to work, they just get to decide to stay at home and do nothing.

Me: Excuse me? I’m working, all your other teachers are working and they are all women.

Boy: Yeah, but once girls turn 21 or 25 or something they don’t have to anymore. They just stop school and work and stay home and do nothing.

Me: That is definitely not what happens. Who told you this?

10 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. I think it’s funny he thinks that stay-at-home Mums don’t work!! I had friends who went back to work early because it was easier than staying at home.

    (and awesome they think you are holding your age well 😉 )

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    • HAHA oh man stay at home moms are troopers! I asked the other teachers yesterday when his parents came to pick him up (mom and dad always come together) but none of them knew for sure if the mom has a job or not. But they all laughed at his comment!


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