Nail Art Sunday: Sweater Nails

Most of you know that last weekend I was struggling to pick a colour for my sweater nails. With your help I picked one and here are the results!

Okies so I struggled with colours SO MUCH but after your comments and texts to various people, I finally settled on the dark, rich tones and the grey and teal. They are a great combination!!

This was the first time I had ever worked with acrylic powders and if you watch the video, I am literally opening the supplies right there on the screen.

In my last video, someone commented on youtube that I should try a different set up because “for this type of video people don’t want to spend 20-minutes staring at your crotch” which was a crude way to put it but whatever. Since I was sitting on my bed, my body was higher than the table and that was the best set up that I could get in my room. Since then, I have purchased a little folding chair and tv-dinner table so that I can have it in my room for work and now for nails so hopefully this is better.

I need to figure out some new way to do my cuticle care. Every time I do that, I get so many hang nails! It’s super annoying. But here we go! Here is the inspiration picture:

It’s sooo cute!! Here is the video! My battery died half way through so sorries haha

And here are the final reveal pictures!

Now the “sweater” detailing is a little flat. Next time, I will try to make them a little higher. Possibly will have to dust the nails with the powder really lightly. Not sure. But definitely will have to try the pale colours to see if that makes a difference.

The gems did fall off. Now I used my professional gummy gel from Enail Couture and it’s suppose to be THE STUFF to keep nails on. But mine literally just brushed off. I think I know what I did wrong: I put a top coat on the nail FIRST and then the gummy gel and another top coat. I think I needed to not have the top coat so the gummy gel could adhere to the nail polish. That’s the reason I am telling myself at least lol.

Hope you enjoyed!

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