30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

Days 2-8

Day 2 Intend: Um WOAH there Adriene – slow it down sister! This fattie can’t move that fast. And going from a downward-facing dog to a lunge? I can’t just pull my leg up to the front of the mat. I legit have to stand, rearrange myself, and THEN lunge.

An amazing tip for anyone reading (and maybe a little TMI): do not go from yoga to the shower to shave your legs. I literally almost fell over. Thanks a lot, legs. I know you’re tired but don’t you want to be smooth and tired? I know you do!

Day 3 Awaken: Woke up today and my entire body ACHED. From my shoulders down to my ankles. Everything hurt today. I decided to use my Bluetooth headphones halfway through the video. Such a good choice. I will continue doing this.

I slapped my booty. A lot! hehe But also:

Day 4 Activate: Did this the same day as #3! Heck yes, I did! Word to the wise, don’t drink a lot of water between them. Day 3 and 4 were easy enough to do together. Now the bestest R and I are on the same day together. And, more importantly, I’m on the same day as Adriene as she posts. It felt so weird not doing the most recent video. But that’s just me. The rolling bit totally hurt my tailbone, BUT a few of my downward dogs actually had my heels all the way to the ground! GO ME!

Day 5 Soften: Ya know what, I’m not super tight in all my muscles today! WOOHOO! I noticed it yesterday afternoon that it had kind of left, but today was great! Tomorrow I go back to school and back to reality, so let’s see how this is going to go once I add that into my routine again.

Day 6 Ignite: There were so many reasons not to do today. It was my first day back at work and I was tired. I got home and a headache kind of started. I’ve had a pinch in my side all day. My knee hurt. I honestly just didn’t feel like it! LOL But I got home and made up my mind to do this and I did it! I just finished, and yeah I couldn’t do all the moves just like Adriene, but that’s nothing new. And sure, I couldn’t pull my legs up close to my chest because of my belly, but I did the best I could. Which is what I love about yoga! And while my headache is now raging, I am so happy that I did this and didn’t give in to a “well it’s just one-day” type of mentality.

Day 7 Stretch: What a perfect day for an easy routine! I ate when I got home and was not going to be able to do a full intense routine so I am so glad my bestest did it first and let me know how easy it was. WOO a whole week now of doing yoga every single day! Go me!

Day 8 Heal: Three words: pillow and blanket!! Yes, you get to use both for this day! Word to the wise, don’t do when you are super sleepy because it’s basically 10 minutes laying on your back deep breathing HAHA I needed that today.

Okies, so since I did 3 and 4 on the same day, this post should have ended on day 9. But most of south-western Ontario is under a massive winter storm watch. They are predicting TONS of rain (which should have started already) and because the ground is frozen (due to the fact that it’s January in Canada) there is a high risk of flash flooding. And then of course, since that’s not enough of a hardship, freezing rain and sleet and ice and snow too. Apparently.

Well it’s 9am on Saturday and as far as I can tell from my little basement window, none of that has happened yet. BUT because I am a non-vehicle owning person, I did my grocery shopping last night instead of this morning like I would normally do. So I missed out on the yoga routine last evening after work. I was exhausted and needed a break.

My yoga gear is in the wash as I type this so I will hopefully get two routines in today and be right back on track. In fact, I’m in a work out top and pj pants so I have no reason to start a routine as soon as I publish this.

Let the yoga journey continue!

7 thoughts on “30-Day Yoga #ywaHOME

  1. Freudian slip? (…I have no reason to start a routine as soon as I publish this. ) LOL

    Well done you! I think you are better at yoga than me. After a year of 2-classes-a-week yoga I still couldn’t get my feet to the floor in Downward Dog.

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    • Lol yes a slip! I did the routine and it was hard!!

      Oh man! I still can’t get them done. One thing the instructor does it so have you “walk it out” on the first one which means you go into pose and then just let your feet walk in place to get adjusted. I do it almost every downward dog and that helps to get my legs steretched out

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  2. Please tell me what routine you do every day! I got into yoga last year but then I got pregnant and I cant wait to get back into it after baby is born

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