Kids Say

In my classroom, while trying to help a girl with her work, she decides to tell me this:

Me: trying to help girl

Girl: Miss E, ya know every Friday I get to go to McDonalds after school.

Me: Oh you do? That’s pretty cool.

Girl: Yes. Can you come?

Me: Huh?

Girl: On Friday. Can you come to my McDonalds?

Me: No I don’t think so hunny

Girl: Oh….ok….but just once can you come because I’d like to see you at my McDonalds.

10 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. Can you just imagine if you accidentally stumble across her maccas? Then you will be asked to go to every child’s favourite fast food restaurant. She’s just doomed you to a life of eating at home *grin*

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  2. Is much rather talk to the little kids at work than my coworkers. The other day a little bit asked me why my phone was small–i was holding it at duty. I told her bc that’s the one I chose to buy she said “is it bc you’re small, too?”. Haha! Yes, my child , yessss! What a great compliment as I feel my metabolism plummet daily. πŸ˜‚

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