Nail Art Sunday: Under the Wire


Ya see, tomorrow is Epiphany so I don’t have to go to work – the joys of teaching at a religious school. It means I have an extra day off and I’m going to give myself a proper manicure. Like the whole nine yards – cuticle care and everything. It’s long over due.

ANYWAY I CAN’T DECIDE ON A DESIGN! Well, I have it narrowed down to a design but now I’m stuck on colours. The inspiration picture is all pale and lovely, but I feel like I want deeper, richer tones. It’s winter, I need me some deeper, richer tones! So help a sister out!

I know it’s cutting it close with only 2 hours left on Sunday to get this posted under my Nail Art Sunday posts, but I need your help!

Here is my inspiration picture:

What I will be keeping: the colour distribution. I will have 3 grey nails and 2 other nails. And I will keep the sweater design/matte finish on the two nails shown, and the gems/glossy on the other ones.

I NEED YOUR HELP to narrow it down to either pales or deep/rich. Here are your choices. Please comment below stating your favourite colour combinations so I can make a choice. I think I’d like to stay away from grey and pink so I didn’t put any pink options up. There are purple/pinks but not full pink.

9 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Under the Wire

  1. Oh, you are killing me here with the options so here are my comments. All the colors in the first pic (not the inspiration pic) remind me of summer. It’s not that I don’t like the colors, they just remind me of the tropics. The second pic seems to have more winter colors. That being said, I’m partial to 39, 40 and 11. They remind me of jewel tones and could look very pretty in the dead of winter. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

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  2. I like the second lot of colours better, and when I read the comments, realised I chose the same two as scr4pl80…Dark Orchid and #40. I can’t wait to see what you chose 🙂

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