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Peeps and Meeps! A blogger friend of mine would love some support from you!

I often refer to Hot Mess as my blogging sister. We have been friends for 4 years all because of this blog. I love her to death! We went from online friends, to IRL FB and Instagram friends and we even text each other! That’s the depth of our love. She’s totally invited to my wedding if I ever get married.

Anyway! Hot Mess, aka HM, aka Angela, has made a post today about buying lingerie. Women, we all know the pain of this. And men, you know how much it sucks when you want/need to do it for your woman. SOOOO HM has kindly made a hilarious post about the joyless experience that it is.

Just to be upfront, she was paid for this post. But isn’t that the goal of most bloggers?! TO GET PAID TO WRITE?! My girl is killing it over there in Ohio and actually got paid REAL AMERICAN DOLLARS to write this post for Hustler Hollywood. They have sales on right now, and if you’re a first timer to the website there is a thing that pops up to give you 15% off if you give them your email. Yeah, that’s right, I clicked her links! CLICK HER LINKS PEOPLE! What woman doesn’t like pretty bras?! I do! OK! ok…enough with the shouting. I’m sorry. I didn’t get to buy anything because when I tried to check out they didn’t accept my Canadian address so booo for me!

Anyway, spend 3 minutes on her blog, like her post, click the links, let Hustler Hollywood know what they made the right choice by having HM write this for them.

Much love! xoxo

ps: all those links above are the same, but just in case you missed them, here it is one more time: CLICK HERE

14 thoughts on “Blogger Support

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING, AS ALWAYS! Thank you so much for the love and support! The blogging community is truly a supportive one! I am so lucky to have you as a friend and I’ll be anticipating that wedding invite in the mail. I guess I better work on getting a passport first! LOL!

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