Decade Memories

I saw this post over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles, and immediately wanted to do one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration, Becky!

It’s just a rundown of the most important things in your life from the last 10 years as we move from one decade to the next. I don’t really have as many exciting things to report as Becky did, but I’ll jump on the bandwagon all the same!


  • January 1st: left home for the first time, subletting my own room in a house close to my university
  • graduated from university in June
  • Moved to South Korea for the first time in November


  • My first year in South Korea!
  • had a mysterious illness that lasted for 9 months and never came back?
  • applied to teacher’s colleges


  • bought my first car
  • went on my first solo-vacation! A week in Scotland!
  • started teacher’s college


  • graduated from teacher’s college
  • Moved back in with my parents
  • started volunteering in a school


  • started on the supply list as a supply teacher
  • upgraded to my lovely SUV


  • quit the supply list
  • hated life
  • started this blog!
  • returned to South Korea


  • another year in South Korea, this time breaking my contract early and coming home without letting my employer know
  • Moved to Toronto a month after I got home to become a nanny


  • turned 30
  • started my nail posts
  • got my hippo tattoo


  • fell in love for the first time
  • first broken heart
  • Nanny to the toddler


  • applied for my first teaching job
  • got my first teaching job
  • Worked as an ESL teacher over the summer
  • had two series published on Channillo (a grand total of $9 in earnings from them so far haha!)
  • Started my teaching job!!

It’s not a very exciting decade for me, but there have been some pretty amazing memories that I will take with me as I go into the next one!

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