Student Swag

Only fair to dedicate a post to what I gifted to my students!

I started Christmas shopping for my students all the way at the start of November. I have 47 of them that I had to buy for, and I wanted to make sure that I gave them a nice gift but also something that wasn’t going to bankrupt me.

The first thing I got was the cards. I picked up 4 different designs of cards so that I could alternate them through the students. And then I ordered some squishies from Amazon. My kids love those types of toys and I knew that they would love these. They arrived very quickly, and where much smaller than I was expecting, but I was able to get 48 of them for $39 so that was pretty awesome!

But then, I was stuck on what else to get them. I was already like $50 into this gift and I didn’t know how much more I wanted to spend. And then a genius idea struck me!! Actually, it came from another teacher friend of mine – BOOKS!

Now, I know that books are super expensive, especially if you are buying 47 of them, but in Canada we have this thing called “Scholastics Book Club”. It’s pretty awesome! We get newspaper type flyers every month and the students can order from there and get books for pretty cheap prices. They were selling Charlotte’s Web for $2! TWO DOLLARS!!

Anyway, with this book club, teachers get rewards as well! It’s called bonus bank. Every order that my kids place, I get “bonus bank” money. The first order that I placed, my bonus bank was up at $124 and I used most of that for books for myself in the second order. BUT after the second order, I was back up to $170!! So I decided to use that for books.

Another great thing about this book club is that they know that teachers will want to give books for Christmas and have lots of options for us. The one that I settled on was packages of books. I almost bought “free book” coupons but this was better I thought. For $60 I was sent 30 books (all different titles) plus 30 pieces of wrapping paper and 30 tags. I ordered two of these packages since I needed 47 books not just 30.

I laid all the books out on my bed and put the two books that were the same together and then got my class list. I started to pull books for each child based on their interests and their reading levels. I loaded them back into the box in order and then used the sticker tags to put a “To: *** from: Miss E Christmas 2019” on the inside cover of each book so I would know which book was for what child and didn’t have to keep the specific order any longer.

Then I got started with my wrapping. It took alllll afternoon one Sunday! I wanted to write an individualized card for each child but that was proving to take way too long and after the first three, I gave up and wrote basically the same for each child just using a different order of words lol. But by bedtime (after started at 1) I was all done and had them packed up and ready to go!

I handed them out as the children left school on Friday, and I have a whole stack left on my desk because a bunch of children didn’t come (and parents didn’t let me know early that their child wouldn’t be there so I could give their gift early) but the kids LOVED them!

I piled them all up beside our class Christmas tree and then laid them out so I could read the name quickly when students were leaving. Friday evening I received lots of emails from parents thanking me for the gift which was really sweet.

Next year, I’m thinking of making the students something – maybe a crochet ornament or bookmark? That would be cute!

4 thoughts on “Student Swag

  1. I still get books from Scholastic for the kids. Although Heckle is too old for the books now, but there is often something for Jeckle. They are cheap so it is disappointing that they are outgrowing the books.

    Lovely gift idea for the kids. One of their teachers did this as well and I think it was the favourite gift.

    Remember that handmade will be appreciated by the parents, but the kids won’t really understand the effort. I’d handmake the wrapping paper (eg ) – it will look really pretty but is much easier to do than making 50 individual things.

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    • Ooooh handmade paper is such a good idea!! Of course I have a whole year to think about it! ☺️ I have always had this idea to make a garland for my tree for every season and just keep my little tree up all year round with a different garland wrapped around it 😂 that’s where I got the idea for ornaments for my students.

      I love the Scholastic books! Even as an adult! Lol I love getting the order pages and ordering from them. Can’t wait for the next set of flyers which are actually already in my classroom lol


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