Updated Nail Art Sunday: Reindeer

On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer! On Vixen!

What’s up love bugs?! It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t posted any Christmas nails yet! Mostly because I haven’t done any designs. I’m still a little burnt out from last year where I did a new design every. single. week. for six weeks before Christmas. It was a lot. And some of them I had to create my own nail stickers – which was awesome because now I love doing that but it’s a lot of work. And it’s super hard on my nails as well.

This year, I decided to keep it chill and will only be doing two designs. I did the first one last weekend and am here to share it with you! I didn’t make a video of it but it is super easy to understand what I did.

Of course, I followed all my prep steps: I cleaned, filed, and shaped my nails. I gently buffed the surface with a nail file to get rid of any oils on the surface and to rough it up just a little bit in order for the polish to stick. A quick wipe of acetone to get rid of the dust. I used my dehydrator (twice because I had just washed dishes and I wanted it to be good and dehydrated. Not sure if that’s a thing but whatever), then the gel bonder that I am started to love. Top coat came next, and then two coats of the colours you will see in the final picture.

Then came the fun/frustrating part: the actual design. I picked one that I had to hand-draw on, which we all know is not my strongest area. Thankfully I don’t have a video for you to laugh over my mistakes. Here is the inspiration picture that I had:

I mean, how cute is that little reindeer?! ADORABLE!

So I set out to recreate it. I did the nose first, because that seems to be the focal point for the nail. I used the biggest dotting tool I have and made a single dot on my nail, then I swirled it a little bit to make it a little bit bigger.

Next the eyes! On my first attempt, I picked a dotting tool that was too big. But I decided that since it was regular polish and it was still cute up until that point, that it was ok. So I carried on. I was not calm, but I carried on.

Then the antlers. Now I was working in this order so that I could hold my nail the proper way and not have to twist it around to do any of the design. It was very easy this way! But I decided to use a paint brush for the antlers and the lines were WAY TOO THICK. So, being the insane person I am, I decided that I would just take my acetone and remove the top half of the nail. Leaving the nose and eyes still in place. And I did. I removed the top 1/3 of polish and then reapplied. It looked HORRIBLE! But I still carried on.

I used a dotting tool next for the antlers. One of the smallest ones that I have. Or so I though. It was still too big and not cute, but it was so late Sunday night that I really had to or I’d have half finished nails on Monday!

So I just kept going. I top coated, which created streaks in the black polish and I went to school with semi-cute reindeer on my nails. Co-workers and children alike were all “aaawww they are so cute!” But one suggested that the eyes needed to be smaller. I told her I was redoing them that night so not to worry!

I got home and set up my station! I took off only the white nail and started again. Taking the time to let each step dry at least 30 minutes before continuing to the next step. I moved the nose right to the free edge of my nail, then used an even SMALLER dotting tool than before for the eyes, and the same one for the antlers. This time, I am really happy with them!

They aren’t perfect but at least I like them! This nail has actually ripped since taking that picture, but thankfully I didn’t just keep ripping it, I waited until I got home and used a set of nail clippers to just cut it off. I lost half the nose but it still looks adorable! I actually think I like it better with the smaller half nose haha!

Friday these nails are leaving and I’ll be doing a gel polish design for my Christmas break! Can’t wait to show you guys the video!

Update: So I went shopping after posting this and found a BEAUTIFUL gold glitter nail polish which is what the original design called for so I bought it and came home and changed my nails and now I love them even more. The new polish is “caught on tape” number 1593 from Essie.

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