Cozy Winter

Apparently the best way to get a new blog post out of me is to tag me in one, because we all know I can’t resist a tagged post!

So well played Aaron from The Confusing Middle. He tagged me in “A Cozy Winter Tag” and he was tagged by Becky from Strikeouts + Sprinkles, and both are excellent blogs and I love that they are my blogging friends so go and check them out. I promise I’ll try to get back into actually keeping this blog up during the holidays. 2020 will be a good blogging year!

1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

White! I love a white Christmas. I hate driving in the snow, but on Christmas day I just hang out in my pj’s all day so bring on the snow!

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

Now that I’m getting older, snuggle all the way! When I was younger I loved playing in the snow. Even when I was a nanny I would love to go out and play with my kidlets but it was rare that any of them would tear themselves away from the multiple devices in their house to go out. 4th did a lot! I miss her cute little face!

3. How do you typically celebrate New Year’s?

As lame as possible – I’m not a New Years person and I never have been. It changes if I’m dating someone around the holidays and they like it, but it’s been a hot minute since I was actually in a relationship over the holidays. Since I’m at my parents’ for New Years every year I usually just hang out with them and go to bed at a decent hour haha. But when they used to go out to NYE parties I would order myself a pizza, get lots of junk food, watch some movies, and then go to bed by like 11 lol

4. Favorite winter food?

I’m not really sure I have one? Like I do tend to gravitate towards comfort foods – carb loaded things, cheesy things, warm and thick soups. Ya know the deal. But I don’t really have a favourite.

5. What is your favorite seasonal drink?

Hot chocolate!! I do love some egg nog as well, but I’m definitely a hot chocolate person.

6. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVOURITE!! Since I am Canadian, and our Thanksgiving is in October as it should be, I have no holidays stopping me from decorating for Christmas after Halloween. But there is Remembrance Day. And as y’all know, I don’t decorate before November 11th. I have too much respect for that day, but on November 12th my life is Christmas.

7. Do you enjoy the cold weather or do you get anxious for spring to come?

I agree with Aaron on this one: I actually enjoy the cold. Apparently not so much this year because I’m hating on it already and it’s not even February yet, but generally I don’t mind the cold. And Aaron, I’ll make you an honorary Canadian – it’s cool, I have the power. Pick up your passport at your closest embassy.

8. Do you have any special holiday traditions?

Every Christmas Eve, my brother and I used to watch “White Christmas” and have it end right at midnight. It’s 2 hours long so 10pm, once our parents had gone to sleep we’d be watching it. Now that we watch it a little bit earlier, my parents have started wanting to watch with us, which means we all have to tell my mom NOT to sing the songs all the way through and it’s kind of ruined it lol And then Christmas morning, I make breakfast because I’m 5 and get up all excited way too early!! We eat as a family together, stockings, then presents, then the rest of the day is relaxing. My brother and I will do lunch as well which is just small and appetizers really. Then my parents cook dinner.

9. What is your idea of a perfect winter day?

Basically anything that combines some snuggle time with my Mr. when he exists and then either a walk or a drive around to see the Christmas lights at night. Throw in some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols (the good ones! you know what I mean!!) and we are all good!

10. What’s the best part about winter?

Obviously Christmas!!! And the snow! As long as it stays on the grass and not on the roads haha I know that’s impossible but it’s my Christmas wish. If Santa could make that happen, then I’d be good.

11. What’s your favorite movie set in the winter season (not necessarily a Christmas movie)?

White Christmas!! It’s a Christmas movie and it’s set in the winter season, and I don’t care if that’s not what this question is asking, that’s my answer! LOL

12. What do you hate about winter?

Transportation!! I HATE driving in the winter after my spin out a few years ago. I started to almost be ok with it and then a year in Korea and three as a nanny meant I wasn’t driving as much in the winter anymore so I didn’t build up that comfort level anymore. So now that I haven’t got a car (yet – I’d need a better job to make that happen) it’s the waiting in the cold for the bus. Like I love standing out while it’s nicely snowing, but the wind and cold can go away lol

As always, thanks Aaron for tagging me! I normally don’t tag people, but since I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while, I think I will just to reconnect with some people I love. So AJ, Suzi, Josy, Sandra it’s your turn! If you want to 🙂

11 thoughts on “Cozy Winter

  1. A “Christmas Carol” is my favorite of all time and I really like “A Muppet Christmas Carol.” LOL about your parents spoiling the movie. Not a fan of eggnog. Favorite drink is mimosas. New Year’s Eve is quiet for us but I do stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square (yes, I know I could technically watch it at 9 PM because of the time difference but really?)

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