Good Neighbour

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It’s no surprise to the people who have been amazing enough to stick with this blog even though I’m posting like once a month since September…and honestly really since June it’s been going downhill, that my roommate is kind of a jerk. I call him Crazy with my friends and shall thus start doing it here.

So Crazy is this weird balance of horrible and good roommate. Except we aren’t roommates (even though we share the same basement apartment), we are neighbours. I wrote a little bit about him here and here and here.

It’s basically touch and go with him. He is straight up intolerable in the respect that I can’t do anything outside of his “normal”. And do NOT compare him to Sheldon – it’s been done, and it’s annoying. I can’t go to the bathroom over night cos it wakes him up and sleeping hours are from 11-6 but HE can wash dishes at 12:45 am and that’s all good. Or the one time he graded my cleaning of the bathroom cos it wasn’t “close to his 100% that he puts in” and if it’s going to be done at 50% instead of like 90-100% of where HE does it, then he just wont do it again until it’s been done “properly”.

But he is also super awesome about letting me have the kitchen/bathroom every morning when I need to get ready for work and he’s up already. He could be a total poop canoe about so many things but he’s being respectful. And he does dinners late most nights because when I get home at 4:45-5pm I straight away cook dinner. And sometimes I actually feel like he’s trying to be nice lately. He still has his moments of ridiculousness but I also kind of go out of my way not to talk to him anymore. I basically just let him have his say and nod and go “mmhmm” a lot and then walk away when I’ve had enough of him.

The people upstairs had their baby! At the beginning of November I think. And at first it was ok. Like their toddler still ran around and was insane at 11:30 at night but then the crying started. I guess Crazy complained about their footsteps when caring for their newborn in the middle of the night and the baby got moved to the living room – which is right above my bedroom. The footsteps I could deal with, but it was the crying!! Sometimes that baby would cry for like 20 minutes before someone was there to comfort it (I don’t know if it was a boy or girl).

BUT they have moved out. They gave like two weeks notice, and the landlord accepted it so they are gone. WOO! It’s been a week of silence around here and it’s been GREAT. Especially since I’ve been battling a cold and lost voice and I just want to come home after school to peace and quiet. There is a new family moving in, Crazy says around the 15th. So maybe one more week of quiet. But they have older children (9 and 13 according to Crazy) so the noise should be ok. Especially at night when it matters the most.

The odd thing that has been happening in the last few weeks has been the conversations I’ve had with my landlord and his dad. I asked my landlord if they had found anyone for upstairs and if I could have the details for it. I wanted to see if it was feasible to get a friend to move in and share that upstairs space. It definitely wasn’t BUT when he replied he said that the people who just moved out “spoke very highly” of me and he thanked me for being such a good tenant.

Then, with his permission, I bought a container of ice melter for our basement entrance and took that $10 off my rent. I send my rent payment to the dad so in my e-transfer I just wrote “Dec rent -$10 for salt for house” and he replied acknowledging the payment and the message and thanked me for my cooperation and called me the best.

Is this normal? This is the first place I have leased by myself and have been solely responsible for my own living in the space etc. so I’m not sure if landlords are actually like that?

Maybe upstairs people complained about Crazy. I know I would if I had to deal with him all the time, forcing me to change bedrooms with my children so they weren’t above his sleeping space, smoking weed and cigarettes outside, etc. And he hasn’t had a job since I moved in! Like how ON EARTH is he affording rent after at least four months?! And if he was able to save up that much money, why doesn’t he just move out or get a “better” place to live as he puts it? He says his dream is to have a main floor room so he doesn’t have to deal with noise.

He did mention last week that he’s getting fed up with the housing and living in Toronto and is considering just packing it in and moving to a different city like Montreal. It took all of my will power not to be like “oh yes! DO THAT!” HAHA

I wonder what the landlords say to him about his job as a tenant?!

13 thoughts on “Good Neighbour

  1. I feel you. Roommates can suck a dikkkk girl. I’ve had 2, both male cousins. Didn’t go well. I’m so much better On my own as a renter. I wonder what will happen when and if I ever get married. Hope all is well with you, T!

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  2. We have had some nice landlords but it works both ways. I’m sure you are not as complaining and difficult to deal with as Crazy so the landlords would do things to try and keep you there. They don’t want to have to find someone else willing to deal with C. – LOL.

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    • Haha I haven’t complained to them at all! It’s not like they can change his personality, or make him leave. I guess they could give him his 2 months but he’s also kind of stuck around when it was bad too. And it’s stubborn enough to stay until he decides to leave. Making comments that he thinks the upstairs noise is on purpose to force him to move out

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  3. I hope you survive with 9 and 13 year olds. They might not cry, but they will fight. The yelling could get loud. And if they are boys they will most likely play computer games – let’s hope for headphones. But maybe they will be girls and peace will reign!

    Good luck with your upstairs neighbours and with holding patience with Crazy!

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