Adorable Hippos

Because the world inside my bedroom doesn’t have enough hippos!

My necklace has arrived!! I spent today in a pretty good mood until just after lunch when I started to feel feverish and like I was crashing. HARD. I feel as if I’m coming down with something, but I don’t have a fever so at least that’s something.

But as I was getting back into class after last recess, my phone buzzed in my pocket with a notification that perked my spirits up just enough to make it to the end of the day! The necklace I ordered after the end of term one had arrived!!! A day early, and I am SO HAPPY about it! It’s adorable and perfect and I love it.

SO HAPPY with how it turned out! Wish you could see how happy my face is in that picture but at least you get to see how it looks. Amazing!! Now to make it through the rest of the night without giving into the sickness that is slowly taking over my body.

16 thoughts on “Adorable Hippos

      • Well, you fooled me! 😅 I would have never guessed it was a wig – it looks extremely realistic. Thanks for sharing that tidbit with me.

        Yes, wear your necklace every day. I do this too with necklaces where I will wear the same one every day until the chain breaks/the charm tarnishes/have to replace it. The 2 necklaces you are wearing totally compliment each other! 😀

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        • If you search “Doris” on my blog you’ll find a whole bunch of posts on the wig lol

          And I fully intend to wear it every day! I’ve worn the leaves as often as I can since I bought them. They are definitely tarnished but I think they look much better that way 😏 and I love the way they jingle when I walk lol and I play with them all the time. The hippo is too short to play with but I wanted it that way lol


  1. I love your hippo! It’s a perfect length as well. And the little ‘T’ charm is cute. Bummer you weren’t feeling fabulous when it arrived (hope you are better soon).

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    • The fever feeling is gone but I can still feel whatever it is holding on to my head. I’ve taken some meds and hope a good sleep will set it all proper.

      And I love it too! I took my other necklace and measured it and then adjusted for where I wanted it to sit. I will probably wear both together but tomorrow just my hippo. It will be strange not hearing my leaves jingle as I walk around 😅

      The initial was a suggestion from one of my boys from the fall lol he has good taste because I love that I decided to get the initial! Such a good idea

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  2. Aww, it’s really cute! Perfect little hippo. I have a flamingo necklace like that and I never take it off except to clean it once in a while. 😊

    I hope you manage to fight off the virus!

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    • Oh fantastic!! I always love to know other people who have a keen interest in hippos lol I am feeling better but have all but lost my voice lol needed to elect a student to shout for me today lol anytime I had to do a count down or a call back to get attention she was my go to

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