Nail Art Sunday: @ENailCouture Products


Peeps and Meeps! Nail Art Sunday is back again! I wanted to add a little bit of embellishments to my nails, but like always Plan A failed HARD so I had to move to Plan B which was testing out the products that I bought from Enail Couture all the way back in September.

Here’s the video

PS: Why didn’t y’all tell me that the way my new videos look are so stupid? I need a better set up since I have moved and lost my beautiful desk where I used to do my nails. Now I just have my bed and a side table.

Here is a picture of the finished product:

Please ignore my horrible cuticles – it’s cold and I have been neglecting them a little bit. But they have lotion on RIGHT NOW. Don’t worry!

Okies so it’s been a week and here is what I think:


Were you expecting anything else? Probably not because I was gushing in the video.

The gems on my pinky fingers are still holding fast. I did have to re-do the snowflakes but I fully believe that is 1000000000% my fault not the gummy jelly. The snowflake on the lighter finger was lifting because I only put the gummy jelly on the middle of my nail. It didn’t get pushed down all the way before curing it, so there was a free edge. It kept snagging on my hair and scarf and everything else, so it peeled off really quickly. I fixed it. I also noticed that my lighter finger with the snowflake has much more of a curve to it than the other side? So that also made it harder to push it down and cure it. The other snow flake did come off as well, but for the same reason. There was a little tiny lip that wasn’t pushed all the way down so it eventually ripped off from snagging on my hair and stuff.

If you want to have the same awesome products you can find them here:

Gummy Jelly

No Wipe Top Coat

Please note that this post is in no way sponsored by Enail Couture, and I will not receive anything from them if you buy their products, other than the happiness of knowing that you are getting great nail products.

Next video will hopefully not focus so much on my tummy rolls HAHA

10 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: @ENailCouture Products

  1. I wanted to focus on your snowflake story, I really did, but I couldn’t distract myself from puzzling over what a “lighter” finger is? I kept checking…thumb, pointer/index, middle, ring, pinky, no lighter. THEN I watched the video and realised on the other hand to that photographed you put the snowflake on the dark polish. *duh*

    And I still totally think you should jump on board with your brother and Secret Santa it next year πŸ˜‰

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