What’s been going on

I really have no excuses, other than lack of motivation, but here is a long update on what’s been happening in my life over the last month. There will be a TLDR at the bottom lol

Writing: well obviously I haven’t been writing here. Or anywhere. My Modern Nanny series has it’s last update this coming Monday.

Work: Has been good! Like I’m settling into it and I still feel loved and supported there. The parents are a little frustrating. Like it’s November right? And we had a spelling quiz last Friday. EVERY Friday we have a spelling quiz. Unless there’s no school, then it’s on the Thursday. It’s written on the monthly calendar, it’s on our Google Classroom calendar. So I mark one quiz and the student did poorly, 6/10, which means the parent has to sign it and return. So the mom writes a note “we didn’t know there was a spelling quiz, it wasn’t in the agenda”


It’s insanity! So now I have to have the kids write it in their agendas. AND I have to put the spelling words in Google Classroom because they aren’t copying them from the board properly and I have helpers who will stamp the agendas for me and they obviously just want to stamp and not check to make sure the spelling is correct lol. Sure it’s an extra 30 seconds a week per class to put it on Google Classroom but it’s also ridiculous.

Parent/Teacher interviews were this week. Report cards went home on Monday so interviews were Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm-9pm. So we had a full day of teaching and then 4 more hours of interviews. 90% of the interviews I had booked I didn’t need to see. They sat down and I asked them what concerns they had (like they booked the interview so they must have some) and they said none, and I said “awesome, well I have none as well” Thankfully I prepared for this and brought along journals and was like “here, read this page that your child picked for you”.

All the parents I needed to see had appointments which was good. I had to have a few hard conversations but they were done and now I’m happy. Friday was a PD Day and we actually got it off! The whole day!! But after Wednesday/Thursday I was just exhausted and spent most of the day sleeping.

Term two officially begins on Monday and I’m ready for it! Kinda of. I ordered my “end of term gift” and it should be here in a week or two. I have also purchased Christmas cards and little squishy toys for my students and will have to start on writing out all those cards.

Life: Well I’ve started going to my Friday small group meeting at church. I go straight from work there so I don’t have an excuse not to go.

I was invited to 4th’s birthday and I asked the mom the day before when they would be home and she said (the next day because she needs 26 hours to reply to texts?!) any time after school. So I said I’d be there around 4:30 but would have to leave by 6. Then I get a text from 3rd on the mom’s phone saying that they were at the dentist and wouldn’t be leaving until 4:30 so home by 5. I planned accordingly and left work late, stopped in to see granny, and arrived to very excited dogs at 5:15. No kids. At 6:10 the dad got home and I was already packing up to leave. So I left without seeing 4th. Classic time management by the mom. 4th text me saying that the appointments were running later than expected…. ok

Love life: So there have been a few meet-ups. One inappropriate crush which led to an “omg just marry me already” “ok pick a date” “make sure it’s not a diamond ring”, one VERY inappropriate connection, and now I’m just in the middle of dating apps and stuff – which of course is always interesting. Thankfully I haven’t had any gross messages. I have had a “ya know I just looked at your profile and you’re hot but I know you’re looking for something serious and I’m not but if you’re ever looking for some fun let me know” Which I always appreciate. That was like on Tuesday and we still check in sometimes haha! Hope he finds the fun he’s looking for.

I wish I had the courage to talk to that one guy at church. He seems really nice but I just can’t find a reason to talk to him. And like if I DID just randomly talk to him -it’s my church. That’s awkward! What if he’s seeing someone? Or not interested? It’s not like I’d never see him again. I’d have to see him all the time. And be reminded about stepping out of my comfort zone and it being bad. BUT tomorrow there is a special service because it’s our pastor’s last week. He’s retiring. So I’ll be staying after for the luncheon, and I have already bought my ticket for the church Christmas dinner. So maybe going to some after service things will throw us into some conversation? lol it could happen!

The Living Situation: the people upstairs had their baby. Which means there are three under four up there now. YEAH. The older two seem to be spending a lot of time away from the house which is nice. The new baby was born 3 weeks ago. I can hear her cry sometimes but it’s not as disruptive as I thought. BUT they are moving out! In like a month!!!! The landlord already has someone lined up to sign the lease for up there. Friends of the current family. Mr Crazy says they are work friends with older children. Not sure what “older children” means but as long as it’s not a screaming three year old at 3:30 am, I think I’ll be ok!

Mr Crazy is still a little crazy. BUT he seems to be trying to be nice. I said something during our blow out that even in the mornings I have my coffee maker set up and breakfast dishes all set up to limit the noise in the morning in case he’s sleeping. Since then he seems to be putting in an effort. Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, he even asked before going into the shower if I needed to use the bathroom before he got started! That’s an improvement!! I still wish he would move out though.

There is also a possibility that I might be considering a move to Ottawa if a job would present itself to me. I’d have to learn to drive in the crazy Ottawa winters but I might also just have my proposal guy actually be serious and stay in Toronto lol Which is like 95% positive he’s not serious. I think…..

Going back to my work heading: I literally just got an email from a parent. I sent a page for science review to review for our unit test on Monday. I put the answers on Google Classroom this morning. The review page covers everything from our unit that they will need for the test. That’s why it’s on the review page. So the parent just emailed and asked if they needed to study their ENTIRE duotang or if just the review page would be good enough…I’m not replying until Monday morning. Seriously. That’s not an emergency so not worth my weekend time. And she was a teacher!!! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE PARENTS!

Okies, so here’s the TLDR:

Work is good! The parents are so frustrating and annoying.

Life is good! Getting back into some routines that I’ve missed.

Love life is meh! Starting to be open to dating again.

Living situation is getting better! Noisy children are moving, Mr Crazy is being a decent human being.

See y’all in a month!

HAHA not really. Or at least I hope not.

4 thoughts on “What’s been going on

  1. So life is normal 😉 Fingers crossed your love life picks up because then everything will be awesome!

    Found it interesting you don’t get time off between terms. Every term is broken with holidays here.

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    • everything would be awesome if my love life picked up! lol I was talking to one guy last night on an app and he asked something that led to the “oh – are you a virgin?” question and I was like “yup!” but I had to go to bed cos it was late, and when I got woken up by the baby upstairs two hours later, he had removed himself from my matches lol

      Is that for all levels of school? For university and college there are breaks between terms, and for high school there’s usually like a 4 day weekend from the end of exams and into the next term. But never for elementary. Like I would have said that technically end of term was Monday when report cards went home. I did get that nice 3 day weekend LOL the thing with us though is that we don’t change subjects or units at end of term. Like just keep going on as normal.


  2. Glad things are going relatively well for you. My mom always wanted me to go to the church functions to meet a nice Catholic boy but after going through eight years of grammar school I wasn’t interested. Turns out I missed a lot of fun (which I heard about 40 years later at our high school reunion). It could happen for you!

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