Horrible Bosses

No not the movie, but like actual horrible bosses.

So it’s been so long since I made a blog post, I can’t even remember when I last made a blog post. I know I have posts going up every Monday for my Channillo feature, but that ends this Monday and I’ve had all those posts scheduled since sometime in September. But I am still reading all your posts and commenting when I can.

Today, Aaron over at The Confusing Middle made a post about a horrible boss. I commented it was a tie between two and that I might have to do my own blog post. It’s really actually three. So here ya go, Aaron. Everyone can go over to his blog and thank him personally for pulling me out of my (probably) over a month of not posting anything.

Okies, so let’s start with Tim Hortons. This is the one I didn’t mention on Aaron’s blog.

So Tim Hortons is like this weird place for Canadians. We all say that we love it but really it kind of sucks. The workers are placed under EXTREME conditions of having to get people through the drive thru (from the moment the roll onto the sensor to order to driving away with their order) of like 45 seconds. YEAH SECONDS. It’s insane! And they have a timer clock to force you to see how you are doing for each car. Well, because I’m a decently intelligent person, I worked pretty fast. They forced me into drive thru every morning shift I had until I finally refused to do mornings anymore. Even when I first refused them they still put me on them! And one day I was sick and they had me in the corner with all the burners on making the coffees because even when I was about to faint, I was still faster than anyone working on the front counter. And during the busy times (6am-10am, 11:30-1, 3-5pm) you had as many people who could fit in that tiny corner working and maybe one or two at the front counter dealing with the people who had to wait for in person service.

When you work at Tim Hortons, you usually have 8.5 hour shifts. As a supervisor that is. And that’s what I was. And you get TWO 15 minute breaks. I once had a break after 2 hours and then another one at 4 hours, meaning I had to work 4.5 hours without any kind of break. YEAH that scheduling ended real quick.

One girl came into work on midnights once in tears and I asked her what was wrong and she said her dad just died. Ok, she was a woman. Like 40. But still. I asked why she even bothered to come in and she replied that she would be written up if she called in. HER DAD DIED! And she still had to come into work.

As a supervisor, I was given two other people to work the entire store (drive thru AND counter) so just the three of us. And it was before 9pm so of course we were busy and the owners refused to bring anyone in. I had called them a few times and they were in just to check on the store and the wife came over to me and was like “What’s the problem?” and I’m like “we NEED more people. This is ridiculous!” and she’s all it’s fine you don’t. And this wasn’t the first shift this had happened and I straight up told her that I didn’t care about times because she didn’t give us enough people. She tried to jump on the front counter to help but she’s honestly worst than not having a person working there.

Soon after, I started getting shifts at their second store. In the next town over. It was only about a 10-15 minute drive and in the early fall that was fine. But I was very firm that I wasn’t going to do it forever. It was for a short time until they hired someone new for the other store and I ABSOLUTELY would not be driving there in the winter. I was told that I needed to work wherever I was scheduled and I said that NO I was hired for this store, not that one and they couldn’t make me go.

I had to complain because they would schedule me until 11pm at night, which meant that by the time I got home and settled into bed, it was always after 12, and then be scheduled to start work again at 6:30am. Legally you MUST have 11 hours between the end of one shift and the start of the other and as soon as I mentioned the labour code I was no longer scheduled to have that quick turn around. I also told any of the other girls who happened to have the same fate fall upon them.

As workers, we sometimes would get tips. People would leave a dime here or a quarter there. We collect them into a cup and divide it out among everyone on pay day. Which kind of sucked because as a manager I was there over 40 hours a week and someone else only worked 4 hours a week. So anyone who was “full time” would get like $7 in tips in an envelope, and someone who was “part time” would get $5. It was insane. At a different location that I worked at, we divided the tips up at the end of every shift. It was a smaller place so I guess easier to do, but still. Totally unfair. On my last shift, one of the regular customers, and a man who goes to my parents’ church, secretly gave me a $20 in the drive thru. I had to stick my hand out the window away from the cameras to get it. And then I quickly ran back to my locker because he told me not to share it with the other people haha.

One lady who worked there, her mom passed away and the owners offered to cater the funeral for her. It was really nice. But this lady lived a little ways away from the store. And in the country, in the winter, that is a big thing. BUT she was always at work. ALWAYS. Like even on her days off she would somehow be coming in (probably covering for people who didn’t want to work). And she broke her foot while at work and still drove into work. It was her driving foot that she broke too. Yet still at work. Police closed the main roads because it was too dangerous to drive? She took back roads and was still at work. So once her mom died, and she was settling into work again after taking a little time off, the owner had the audacity to tell her that now she could sell her house and move closer to the store to be available more!


The other two aren’t as bad as this one. The Korean one just didn’t report me to the government so I didn’t get a pension and I left without giving notice because he broke my contract illegally to get out of paying my end of year bonuses and he ignored a few other things in my contract as well. The nanny mom, well I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog complaining about her LOL! Mostly just entitled and not a great person to work for and now that I’m not there any more, I just keep finding more things about her that aggravate me.

But Aaron, I think I will stop complaining there. It’s enough negative emotions for one night lol!

7 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses

  1. Ugh, sounds horrid. I’m guessing Tim Hortons is a burger place? Like Maccas? Surely if it was a franchise chain store the head company would have been able to do something? Anyways, glad you aren’t there anymore.

    I’ve had some horrid bosses over the years. For all sorts of different reasons which I won’t bore you with.

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    • It’s our coffee chain. Started by hockey star Tim Horton. It’s usually the first job for most Canadian teenagers lol I used to really like their products, even after working there, but now there seems to be a weird flavour to the coffee and the service is always horrible. I got an iced coffee from one place, got to my car and it tasted grainy and disgusting so I drove down the highway to the next exit, got off and found the nearest one and they just remake it for you. It’s a good policy lol.

      Aaron was doing a tag from someone about horrible bosses lol everyone sharing their grievances! hehe


    • Sorry little bit more: it is a franchise and most of the things that are horrible are company mandated. Like the drive thru times! They send out weekly reports with the daily breakdown for each store.


        • Oh I’m sure there has been. But it’s a very small community. If a worker gets fired it’s so hard to find other work. At least with that job they have work and sometimes benefits if they are full time. And if the owners had to sell, it would really damage the community. So people put up with it. And they operate JUST within the labour laws that you can’t really do anything


    • No it still needs to be a place to visit! Lol it’s like going to Seattle and not going to the first Starbucks (is that where it’s from? Idk I’m just making things up) but you seriously have got to try Tims! Even if it’s to say that it’s horrible and you tried lol

      Some bosses are great. Each store is independently owned so sometimes you get a good investor. Other times not so much

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