The Week

Well, here we are again, the end of another week!

It’s been a struggle this week, guys. I’ve had crazy kids, and lots of parent interactions that are driving me up the walls. The roommate still exists and lives here so obviously that’s an issue, along with some personal things.

And right now I just want to hide away for the weekend, but I’m an adult so I obviously can’t do that. But I’m in a super bad mood so I’m just going to vent it out for whoever decides they need to read it.

First the job. Report cards are coming up so I’m trying to make sure that I have adequate marks for each of the four subjects that I teach. For math and science I have been giving mini quizzes a lot. Like science gets two lessons and then the third day is a quiz, math is a unit (usually about five to eight days of lessons) then a quiz. Spelling quizzes every Friday. So that’s covered. Social studies I have one project that has been handed in and I’m ALMOST done the presentations for the class so at least now I will have something for every subject.

But this week sucked for tests. On Monday we had a math test which was easily done and the students did really well on it. We’ve spent the last two months working on number sense and we have just switched to patterning. The rule is when you are done your test, you turn it over and draw a picture. This way everyone stays in their seats and are quiet until the whole class is finished. Well, one girl finished her quiz and then had enough time to draw and half colour a pizza on the back of her paper. Then she gets her test back and she missed a question. So her mom emails me basically asking me to change her grade and I don’t really like this mom because she’s pushy and always in my email about her daughter when I have to send notes home. This girl is the cutest thing though! She talks enough for like twelve lifetimes but she’s super cute. Anyway, I told the mom no. I even spoke to the vice principal before replying to make sure I was allowed to say no. That the quiz is such a small part of the grade and that it was a learning experience for the daughter for next time and that it’s unfair for the rest of the class. I haven’t heard back from the mom. Hopefully that’s over with.

Then I’ve had to deal with a few behavioral issues. Two boys in particular. One is just like spaced out ALL THE TIME and has no understanding that he can’t just stand in line and spit and not have people upset at him, or why I’m upset when I say “when you get your paper go to your desk and start working” and he gets off the carpet without a paper and sits at his desk for 20 minutes just staring at the white board, eyes glazed over, spaced out, before the person next to him tells on him for not doing any work and I haven’t noticed because I am helping others who have their paper and are actually working. I send notes home and get no reply.

The other, is a great student but just overly active and annoying to all the other students. His notes get replies and his dad is really nice and we chat before school about the boy and the parents are really invested in addressing things. BUT I also get emails from OTHER PARENTS about this boy. One student asked me to move their seat because the boy was bothering him (they sat in the same row) so I did and the mom emailed me thanking me because this poor little boy didn’t want to come to school because second boy is bothering him so much!


And then the science quiz. There is a habit of signing all the quizzes and tests and sending them back to the school so the teachers know the parents have seen them. Well, my rule is that if the mark is under 70% then I need a signature just so the parents know it’s below “average”. So I usually have one or two per section. The science quiz I had 14/24 students in one section need a parent signature!!! So we have to RELEARN it again and re-assess later.

Another thing with the quizzes, I’m getting asked why we are having so many. Apparently the kids have never had tests before. So after I have my whole month planned for November, I am going to go back and eliminate the quizzes that I have planned and instead of having small ones, have bigger ones. Fine. Whatever.

I did a delicious cook on Sunday last week and apparently it got grease all over the inside of the oven. Which meant of course the roommate had to say something about it. And of course he did it in his own personal style of poop head which just pissed me right off. Basically he said that it’s all my fault and that none of his food never makes any kind of mess and I had to clean it or call the landlord to see when the landlord was going to be cleaning it. Like it was really off how he said it. He has the social graces of frog. Anyway, I went to clean it today and saw that it was definitely from my cooking last weekend, so like I get it. But it was SO HARD to clean the inside of that freaking oven! And I can’t just use “easy off oven cleaner” because he’s sensitive to smells and he’d have to leave for a week cos there isn’t proper ventilation down here (there really isn’t) so hot water and soap and scrubbing was what I had. Then I used baking soda and vinegar and I got like 90% off I’d say but I’m done. I’m exhausted and not dealing with it any more. So I turned on the oven to dry it out and when I opened it up the whole inside was SO NASTY and covered in white grossness so I have a panic attack, like WHY!!! And if the roommate sees it I’d have to deal with him again. So I text my mom a picture of the oven and I’m almost in tears and she tells me to calm down that it’s just the baking soda and to use a clean cloth with fresh water and it will come right off so I did. Thankfully before the stupid head got back and saw it.

I’ve been doing so much better with my sleeping which is nice. Now I’m in bed between 10:15-10:30 most nights and sleeping right through. So at least I don’t have to deal with him being cranky over me waking him up. But last night I had to get up around 3:30 and I go out SUPER DUPER quiet (ever notice how your door hinges only creak at 3:30 in the morning?!) and the kitchen light was on and he was making coffee…. he wasn’t in the kitchen but it was brewing. Like no wonder he can’t freaking sleep!!! Ps: if you’re going to comment about him being Sheldon, please don’t. It’s been said. A lot. And it’s really insulting to Sheldon, or anyone else who has legitimate cognitive exceptionalities. It was kinda chuckle worthy the first time or two but now it’s been done too much and this guy definitely does not have anything to qualify the connection.

And then I have some other things that are really killing my emotions lately that I’ve been trying to sort out. Basically this has been a super stressed out week. And I’m over it. I’m going to go to the library to see if I can find some Halloween books for Thursday and then tomorrow I think I’ll just stay home. It’s supposed to be crazy rainy and bad over night and into tomorrow anyway so I might as well. Thank goodness I have left over Chinese and Netflix to keep me occupied.

So those are my complaints. I need to go make myself happy now.

4 thoughts on “The Week

  1. (((hugs))) T. I think this bummer of a week means that next week will be sunshine and rainbows. I also think you should still do your nails. It’s still 4 (or 5 for you?) days until Halloween (is it Thursday?). It will make you smile and feel better.

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    • Aww thanks AJ! I hope next week will be great as well 😀 And I did do my nails. The design I tried was cute until I had to add the details and then it looked like garbage so I had to fix it, but I’m happy with what I have now.

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