6 More Days

It’s almost time for Canada to vote!

I know I said that I wouldn’t post any more posts about the election, but this isn’t a political views post. It’s just simple information.

Canada uses the “first past the post” method of voting. For those who don’t know, FPTP is whoever gets the most votes wins. Even if it’s less than 50%. For example:

Liberals – 40%
Conservatives – 35%
NDP – 20%
Green – 5%

The Liberals would win that riding. And whatever party wins the most ridings, even if it’s not over 50%, wins the election and their leader gets to be Prime Minister (or whatever it is that they are holding the election for).

If the total number of ridings doesn’t equal a majority win, then the party who wins will pair up with someone else to form the majority that they need and then they will just have a minority government and they would have to have their policies be supported by whoever they paired up with in order to get anything done. Obviously, a majority government is best.

FPTP is called majoritarian voting. Another example is run-off voting. Which is simple to understand: if no one gets more than 50% of the vote, then the top candidates get added to a second round of voting and then you vote again. And then you can have ranking ballots where you rank the candidates.

These don’t really show the true wishes of the voters because only those with the biggest support base will get voted in and leaves the others behind. And often has their supporters feeling as if they are wasting a vote.

Mixed-member Proportion is an alternative to FPTP, they still use the FPTP system, however you cast two votes. One for the member in your riding and one for the national party. This is great for someone like me who feels like my community supports one party but on a national stage I would want a different party in power.

If you wanted to learn more about different style of voting, you can check out this Huffington Post article from 2016.

Also, if you feel like you aren’t going to vote, check out this short video from the UK. Yes, it’s from the UK but they use the FPTP system as well and the information is still valid.

Basically, all political views and preferences aside: vote.

I know it takes time out of your day, but we are all going to be in a better place nationally if everyone over the age of 18 would go out and vote.

If you aren’t registered to vote, you can go here. BUT if you aren’t registered to vote, the website can only help you until 6pm on October 15th (that’s today peeps!)

Even if you have no idea who will win in your riding, or if you want to vote for a party that you don’t think will win, just do it! If a party gets over a specific percentage of the national vote (something super low like 2% or 5%) the government will give that party like $2 for every vote that was cast for that party. So maybe during the next election they will have better funding and a better chance of winning. So don’t just say “my vote doesn’t matter” it matters!!!


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