Nail Art Sunday: Product Test

At the end of the first week of school, we all know that I gifted myself some nail products. I made it through my first week of school and I was in need of a little treat.

Two of the products that I wanted, I posted about last time, with my unboxing video. I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet, but that will be coming soon I hope.

But I did get one package from Amazon a few weeks ago and I decided to try out the products last week. I purchased a dehydrator and a primer. These are products that I hear being used in all the nail videos that I watch and I’ve been told that I really needed to use them to make my manicures last.

I did this design last week, and honestly it’s been amazing! Usually the white that I used for the design, chips SO easily because it’s a little old and not really the best quality any more. But it’s been a whole week now and there are no chips. In either colour! It’s not peeling either! I’m so happy!! I’ll be testing it out again with gel polish in a week or so maybe. The primer is a “gel bonder” which is supposed to be used with gel polish but it worked amazing with my regular polish.

So here’s my video about the products.

Here are the nails a week after my video. The white index finger does have a little bit of peeling at the back, but that was totally all my fault just today because I scratched it out of habit.

I am receiving no payment or incentives for this post or for talking about the products in this post. They are my own opinions and not influenced by any outside factors.

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