Kids Say…

Giving a lesson on describing where things move (aka giving directions) and mention that I take the bus

“OK let’s look at my route to school because it’s really easy”

“Do you have a car?!”

“Nope, but I can drive. I just don’t need a car”

“Are you poor???????”

12 thoughts on “Kids Say…

  1. The other day, I went on a field trip with all the 1st graders. The bus driver was reviewing bus rules with the kids before we left the school. One kid asked her, “Is this your first time?!” He must have assumed it was since she felt the need to explain the rules to everyone.

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  2. I use a hashtag on Twitter for these: #thingsmystudentssay

    My favorite: I asked a student why he wasn’t doing the assignment. He said he didn’t need to because: “I have a photogenic memory”.

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    • LOL! I asked a student why he was sitting doing nothing at his desk for 15 mins while the rest of the class was working and he said cos he didn’t have the paper and I’m like why didn’t you ask for it? And he just shrugged his shoulders….🤦‍♀️ Like dude come on lol


  3. This reminds me of when I was on a placement in a school and I was teaching the children to write postcards.

    I’d made a sample one with some text so I read it to the children “Dear Dad…” and immediately one of the six year olds at the table put her hand up. I ask her what the matter was and she said “but Miss, I didn’t know teachers had dads!”

    She was so shocked, hehe.

    Cait @ Of Needles and Noodles

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  4. To kids, the world’s reality is their reality. I managed to keep my Barbarians from knowing about Maccas, KFC etc for years because I’d call it “the window with chips” (I’d occasionally buy them a small chips through drive-through). They had no idea there were playgrounds inside, or other foods or anything.

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